Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's CSA Time!!!

It's that time again. Hard to believe since it's the middle/end of January, but it's already time to think about joining a Community Supported Agriculture group. We recently received an email from Penns Corner, the CSA we joined last year. They have opened the sign up for the 2010 CSA.

We enjoyed the 2009 share so much that we've already signed up for the 2010 32 week share. That's 2 weeks more than 2009. This year Googer decided to get his own share (he eats A LOT of veggies & fruits) so we are splitting a share with SP's dad.

Sign up is open for both returning & new members. If you pay in full by the end of February, there is a 3% discount (a savings of about $30 for the 32 weeks option). Penns Corner has 3 options:

  1. a 32 week share (from mid-April to mid-November; $770)
  2. a 24 week share (from mid-June to mid-November; $590)
  3. an 8 week 'Cabin fever' share (from mid-April to mid-June; $210)

More info and sign up here. If you're reading this and wondering just what kinds of goodies one gets in this CSA, you can check out the 30 2009 CSA Tuesdays under my blog label 'CSA.'


  1. I tried to sign up for Kretschmann Farms' CSA last year but I was too late.
    Do you think it would be worth it for one person? I've been trying to incorporate more fruits & veg (namely more veg), but it seems like there's a lot of food in those boxes!

  2. Greg used to do Kretschmann's - he says that he thinks there are different size shares you can do. He split a large share 3 ways and always had plenty. We split our Penns Corner 2 ways (they have only one size) and we always had enough - of course, I'm not a fan of kale and braising greens, so he had to eat all those himself and half a share was plenty. But for tomatoes and berries, we could have eaten a whole share ourselves. If you eat a lot of veggies, quantity and variety, like Googer, then yes, it'd be worth it -- from your blog posts it seems you enjoy things like kale, braising greens, and squash but maybe share with someone for a year until you get an idea of just how much you'll be getting...? Of course, greens cook down a lot. The greens and radishes were our 'problem areas'!!