Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's Eve with EPAS and her family. After visiting with other family during the day, they arrived around 4:30. Both nephews were deeply interested in their Nintendo DS games, so EPAS and her husband joined us in the kitchen for some snacks and drinks.

We snacked on a tray of brie, fontina, and smoked gouda cheeses with Carr's sesame and plain crackers.We had a newly purchased case of Penn Brewery Penn Dark beer and SP made the ladies his orange-limoncello martinis.

For dinner, we ordered food from Pizza Milano. The nephews feasted on a plain cheese pizza:The adults enjoyed chicken-bacon-spinach pizza:And except for me, the adults also enjoyed some chicken wings:EPAS' husband wanted to be sure I got a photo of the chicken wing bones for the blog!Yum! After dinner we enjoyed an assortment of treats: pizzelles, Nerds, chocolate, peppermint candies, etc.

EPAS and her family left around 10. The nephews don't stay up until midnight! SP & I cleaned up and then settled on the couch. We stayed awake long enough to see the ball in NYC drop but by 12:05 am we were ready to crawl into bed!!!

A very nice New Year's Eve!

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