Friday, January 29, 2010

Post Surgery Eats

Today was 'Surgery Day' - a day I've been dreading since I found out before Christmas that I needed surgery and scheduled it - 5 weeks ago. Five weeks to be upset, stress, cry, think the worst, etc. Not pleasant. And especially not a good thing to find out right before the Christmas holiday.

So we set off on this frigid January day around 7:30 am - we had to go through the Fort Pitt Tunnel during rush hour so we allowed an hour for travel time! We arrived 5 minutes early. I felt much less scared and stressed after talking with my doctor and the anesthesiologist. I felt not so happy when the nurses had a difficult time finding a vein for the IV. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. And it bled when they stuck it in! And I have a bruise now! And the area is sore! Poor me.

Happily, surgery was quick, I was out of recovery, and we were on our way home by noon. It was oh so tempting to go out for lunch. After all, I was hungry and I didn't have any bad anesthesia reactions. But we came home.

My post surgery treats: cherry jello and Seafoam Salad:Seafoam Salad is something my grandma used to make. It's a jello dish. Growing up, we almost always had a jello dish at holiday meals at grandma's house. I love Seafoam Salad. In my family, we call it 'Green S.' The 'S' isn't for salad...

Seafoam Salad is a combination of pear juice & pears, lime jello, cream cheese, cool whip, and milk. Yum! Comfort food. SP made the Seafoam Salad last night. It's not quite like grandma's because I forgot to suggest that he use the electric mixer to incorporate the cool whip and pears instead of folding them into the partially set lime jello-cream cheese mixture. Oh well - it tastes like Green S even if it doesn't look exactly like Green S.SP also made me a big cup of hot orange spice tea and I ate a cherry yogurt.Have I mentioned how terrific SP is? Last night he came home with some thumbprint cookies from Giant Eagle Market District. He thought I would need a treat on the eve of surgery. OK, so I almost always need a treat and usually for no particular reason, but... I was very happy about the cookies and felt so lucky to have someone who does such nice and thoughtful things for me.

So of course I also ate some of these after my jello & yogurt!I'm ignoring the 'seasonal' them of red and pink and barfy Valentine's Day crap.

I'm glad we came home because I'm starting to feel very blah. It doesn't help that I was up much earlier than usual and that I've slept horribly all week. I think I need a nap this afternoon! I'm glad we didn't go out for lunch.

Not sure what dinner will be... I guess it depends on how I feel! I was sort of hoping I feel up to pizza!


  1. I hope all is okay. I'm glad you have such great support! I'm not a fan of the V-Day colors on everything, but I love those sugary jimmys!!