Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday of Errands

Yesterday was a fantastic January day here in Pittsburgh. Somewhat sunny and around 50 degrees. Nice weather for doing a bunch of errands. We set off around 9:15 in the morning to go to my hair appointment. It's always wonderful to get my gray roots colored and about 2 inches lopped off!!

It was nearly noon when we left the hair salon and we both were hungry, so we decided to have a quick lunch at Bruegger's. I have not eaten at a Bruegger's in 6 or 7 years!! I decided on the Four Cheese & Tomato Panini with whole wheat bread.
It was tasty. Pretty much just a grilled cheese.

SP chose the Herby Turkey: roasted turkey, light herb garlic cream cheese, sun-dried tomato spread, lettuce, & red onions on a whole wheat bagel.He really enjoyed it, especially the sun-dried tomato spread.

He also really enjoyed both pickle spears which means that for the rest of the afternoon he smelled like pickles. Ugh!! It was stinky! I started teasing him that SP no longer stood for Sweetie Pie but instead Stinky Pickle!

Our tummies felt better after lunch and we headed off to Office Depot, the liquor store, post office, mall, Costco, library, and CVS - and by the time we finished those chores it was almost 4 pm so we headed home to unload the car and have the "What's for dinner?" conversation! More on that later...

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