Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday: Breakfast & (Wedding) Errands

As fellow Pittsburghers know, this month has been a darn snowy month. SP has done a lot of shoveling and I think we've both reached a point where we almost can't take any more snow! Of course, we also are not cold, snowy, winter people to being with - this is our least favorite season.

The snow is one reason we have not done much outside the house lately. There was surgery weekend, then Snowmageddon weekend, then snow & Valentine weekend, and all we did was the bare minimum: grocery shopping. And snow shoveling. And a nice dinner out. Nothing else.

All of which means that the other errands were piling up. I erased the list of errands/chores from the whiteboard because it was so daunting and depressing. But finally, we committed to a busy errand-filled Saturday.

Of course, one needs a good breakfast before setting off on errands. We decided to go to Bob's Kennedy Diner again. We were quickly seated and ordered drinks: SP had iced tea, I had coffee, and we were served two small donut holes as an 'appetizer' (SP snarfed his before I took a photo!):I love breakfast sandwiches so I ordered it again, with bacon, of course:And SP again ordered the Bountiful Breakfast, but this time with hot sausage and over medium eggs.This time instead of splitting a slice of French Toast, we split an ENORMOUS Blueberry Pancake:It was yummy!!! We had a discussion about pancakes - are thin, crepe-like pancakes like Pamela's tastier than thicker, poofier pancakes like Bob's? For us, it depends on our mood. This time, the thicker, fluffy pancake filled with blueberries and served with butter and maple syrup was delicious and filling - it made me feel ready to attack the errand list!!

First up was some wedding business. I've mentioned before that we are not having a very formal wedding, it's kind of traditional, but not really. We mailed our invitations last week and we've been asked where we registered. Uhhh..... Wedding registry.

Here's the thing: SP and I are not in our early-mid 20's and just starting out. Plus, we both enjoy cooking and on our own, we each accumulated an impressive stockpile of kitchen stuff which, when we moved in together, resulted in some amusing discoveries and a lot of stuff to sort through. Combined, we had 10 cutting boards. We've pared it down to 6. Combined we had a ridiculous number of colanders. We pared it down to 7 - ! One of us has a a set of 8 matching dishes plus the matching pieces like the gravy boat, bowls, sugar bowl, etc. The other has a complete set of 8 dishes but not the matching pieces.

You get the idea. We had/have a lot of stuff. But in the interest of giving our guests gift ideas and not receiving a 4th crock pot or 3rd rolling pin, we decided to register for some kitchen goodies at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I couldn't resist taking a photo of the snow mountain, and this is one of the smaller ones: So of course to get started, we had to meet with the wedding registry lady, who was quite nice, but I don't think she knew what to make of us - we did not fit the mold of a couple about to get married!!! Our wedding is less than 2 months away and we're just now registering - scandalous! We sent the invitations before registering - how horrible! No bridal shower - what??!! I'm not having a maid of honor, the bride's mom isn't supposed to plan a bridal shower, and all but one of my friends is out of town... plus, none of our local friends or other family has offered, so...

She tried to convince us we need more dishes - seriously? She mentioned china - I nearly snorted aloud!! People pull out good china maybe 3 times a year (if they always host and it's always a 'fancy sit down' meal) and for us, we have my mom's Christmas china for Christmas meals. A set of expensive china is ridiculous for us. Plus, if you don't get all the place settings, then you have to buy the rest of the place settings yourself, and I have no interest in spending my own money on fancy $100/setting china!!! That's $800 on fancy dishes -- you need at least 8 place settings - well, wait, SP has a large family so really we'd need 16 settings in case everyone, including kids, is here at the same time for a fancy meal so that's $1,600 on china. Then you worry about chipping or breaking and needing to replace pieces and you know the pattern won't be available forever...

She pulled out the booklet of expensive stemware -- Seriously? We'll probably end up breaking it and the friends/family we entertain really don't care if they drink their Syrah from a regular wine glass or a specially shaped Riedel glass!! She told us all about the kinds of pots and pans -- uhhh, we have 2 of everything already, just not matching.

We're old enough and practical enough that some of this wedding stuff just seems so ridiculous and selfish to us, plus impractical, and a waste of money. We really don't care if all our pots and pans match. We don't need wine glasses that cost $25/each.

We did find a bunch of things that we would really like to have - like I am really hoping to receive the Mini Salad/Herb Spinner since the salad spinner we have is huge and I have a hard time with it. A real pastry bag and tips. A cake keeper. Lots of other, smaller things, plus a couple of larger things like an ice cream maker since ours broke.

Nearly 2 hours later we left BBB, feeling a bit... overwhelmed. We headed into Hallmark to buy cards for March & April (lots of friends/family birthdays coming up), Michaels, and then to WalMart - always the 'high-light' of a shopping trip.

Thankfully, WalMart was pretty painless. Next up was the mall!!!!! We decided that all the kitchen stuff would be at BBB and the towels/linens would be a JCPenney registry. We tried to set it up online but ended up selecting 'online only' items (oops) so off we went to fondle towels and check out sheet thread counts. Of course the one and only scanner was out in use. Of course the expected 15-20 minute wait stretched into 40, then 50, then we gave up and grabbed what we wanted, took it to the computer, and manually typed in all the UPC codes. Grrrr.

We were getting tired, but we pressed on, grabbing some drinks to hydrate ourselves. OK, so root beer isn't really a good for that, and I usually don't drink soda, but oh that root beer tasted good!!! I decided to skip looking for shoes for the wedding so we headed off to Costco!!

From Costco we went to the new Verizon Wireless store to merge our accounts into one family share. That took 30-40 minutes. Sigh. And then, the new Giant Eagle Market District.

Usually SP does the grocery shopping without me. I make the list and gather the coupons, but usually I don't go. It's faster that way, for many reasons, one of which is how easily distracted I am by food goodies. The way SP is with electronic gadgets and shiny knives I am with bakery goodies, teas, spices, all things foodie. Proof of my lack of willpower and ease of distraction: I was waiting by the loose tea and coffee bean counter while SP went over to get the lunch meat. Sniff. Mmmm. What's that smell? Hmmm... Cardamom Cinnamon tea. Sniff. Hmmmm Ginger Peach tea. Ahhhhhh. Sniff. Mmmmm Earl Grey. Tea. Tea is good. But we have something like 12-14 kinds of tea at home. Do we really need more? Sniff. Mmmmmm.
Yes, we need more! Impulse purchases: Cinnamon Cardamom and Sun Moon and Stars (a blend of green, oolong, and jasmine) teas.

Finally, we left the store and were done with our errands. There's only one thing we didn't do, and that was go to the bank to set up a joint account. Total time away from home, start to finish, including breakfast: 9 hours. Thank goodness we had some new tea flavors to help us relax and recover when we got home!


  1. What a long day! But it sounded productive and the teas yummy.

    We never met with the registry people and I think I'm glad about that. (We did one online at William Sonoma and one in person at Target.) The last thing you need with the rest of your planning is someone telling what you're doing is wrong! Don't they get that you're stressed enough -- plus, they want you to have people purchase from them! Oh, wedding planning....

  2. Your registry attitude sounds like mine! We were kind of in the same boat where we didn't need the usual stuff so we ended up using an online registry website ( to make different activity funds for us to enjoy after the wedding. For example, we registered for cooking classes (although it sounds like you two are already accomplished chefs), fencing classes, and a skydiving adventure. We just thought things like that made more sense then registering for stuff we already had.

  3. lol what's the deal with wedding china??? We're not registering for it either. We don't want it and definitely don't need it but people still keep insisting that we do. I'm with you. Stay strong with the anti-wedding china!!

  4. I'm not a huge fan of china, though my sister and her fiance are registering for it "incase they ever have a dinner party". Anyways, I'm with you, I'd register for all the "fun" stuff!