Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lamb Chops, Saffron Rice, & Asparagus

This past Sunday's at home, romantic, Valentine dinner was lamb chops. Yum!!!

Lamb is one of my favorite foods. Many years ago, my parents found a lamb marinade recipe in a magazine and ever since, it has been the go-to marinade for all the lamb we make - it's that tasty.

The marinade is red wine, rosemary, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and vegetable oil. We always start marinating the chops in the morning. This time, the marinade looked much pinker than usual - almost like the chops were marinating in a raspberry sauce! Our thought is that the marinade color was pinker than usual because we used real wine (Shiraz) instead of red cooking wine.Around 6:30 in the evening, SP broiled the chops in the oven (no way we were going to shovel a path on the deck to the grill!). He also roasted some asparagus (sprinkled it with olive oil, salt, pepper, and grated romano cheese) and made brown rice simmered in chicken stock and flavored with saffron and bay leaves.I set the table, lit a couple of candles, filled our wine glasses, and we settled in at the kitchen table to enjoy our romantic Sunday dinner.We bought a cheaper Coppola Shiraz this time, not the 'Diamond' label. It was still a very nice wine even if it was about $4-$5 cheaper than usual.

We made 10 lamb chops total. We ate five and now have 5 for a meal later in the week. The lamb was, as usual, tasty with that red wine-lemon-rosemary-Dijon flavor. I thought the chops might be a bit too rare for my stomach (along with a garlic sensitivity, I have a 'rare meat' sensitivity!) but they tasted so good that I stopped wondering and just enjoyed - and my stomach was fine.While we were eating, we realized that this was almost entirely a Costco meal! The lamb chops, brown rice, asparagus, chicken stock, romano, and olive oil were all purchased at Costco.

A delicious Sunday/Valentine meal.

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  1. That marinade sounds delicious. Love, love rosemary and mustard. And those asparagus look SOOO good.