Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Market District Dinner

In my last post I wrote about our 9 hours of errands on Saturday. We were pretty tired after running around all day and agreed that neither of us had any energy to make dinner at home - not even a grilled cheese sandwich! We had to get the groceries home and figured that once we got home and unloaded everything and then put it all away, we wouldn't feel like going out again. Plus, it'd be late, and we might face a long wait at a restaurant, and we were getting kind of hungry. As filling as our Bob's Diner breakfast was, we ate it around 10 am so by 6:30 pm, we were hungry and tired of traffic and crowds! So, since we were at Market District, we decided to have a Market District meal.

There are a lot of prepared foods. We wandered by everything and then started trying to make our choices.

First, we decided to each have an eggplant rollatini. In November we tried to get these as one of those 'Meal For Two' deals but they were sold out. So we figured since there were some left, we should take advantage and try them.They were good, but not great. We both noticed that they had a lot of onion, and while not raw, the onion was not fully cooked (soft), it was only slightly cooked so it retained a lot of that raw crunch and strong taste. I would probably not get this again because of my personal tastes about onion - I like onion rings, I like grilled onions, I like when onion is cooked and added to a sauce or dish like scalloped potatoes, but raw/crunchy onion just doesn't sit well in my digestive system.

Our next choice: a potato-spinach-feta pancake.Shredded potato, spinach, feta, and some red pepper. It was good, not great. I ended up giving SP the last few bites of my portion because I was getting full and because this just wasn't my favorite.

Our final choice: the crab cakes. We've been wanting to try these as well. Happily, there was a special buy one/get one on the crab cakes, so we got 2 for $5 instead of 2 for $10.These were definitely the best of the foods we tried. Big chunks of crab, not too much filler, a good taste of celery and seasoning.We'd definitely try these again.

I think I've mentioned my love of dessert and my lack of willpower in grocery stores!!! Of course we got some bakery goodies! It is just not possible for me to be near the Giant Eagle Market District bakery and not get something(s). Since we were not planning on baking any goodies for this week, we got 2 kinds of cookies: chocolate thumbprints, which I love:and huge soft sugar cookies with sprinkles, also very yummy:After our day of errands and Market District dinner, we snuggled up on the couch with one each of the cookies and some of our new tea (Cardamom Cinnamon for me; Sun, Moon, & Star for SP) and watched the Olympics and started making some plans/reservations for our honeymoon!!


  1. I love those stupid frosted sugar cookies! Enjoy honeymoon planning -- it's the best part of wedding planning!

  2. Mmm thumbprints with those super sweet sprinkles on them.

    Let me (or the blog world) know when you both find a "good" take-out meal from Market District. I need some ideas!