Friday, February 19, 2010

Pulled Pork BBQ

It's already Friday and time to think about next week's meals, but last Sunday we managed to find time to make a 'meal for the week' that I haven't yet blogged about this week: Pulled Pork BBQ. Last night was our third, and final, pulled pork meal!!!

We make our pulled pork BBQ in the crock pot, so it's pretty easy. We've made this exact pulled pork BBQ before and I blogged about it here. While he was cooking waffles, SP got the BBQ sauce and pork together in the crock pot and then it slow cooked away all day, filling the house with delicious BBQ smell.After dinner, he shredded the pork, mixed it with some BBQ sauce, and divided it into 3 containers. He put the extra BBQ sauce in a squeeze bottle - extra BBQ sauce is essential!We've been eating it on whole wheat buns - not my favorite combination. I like whole wheat breads, but I don't like the whole wheat taste with the pork BBQ. I'd much rather be eating my pork BBQ on one of those squishy, cheap, white buns that SP despises and sniffs at ("those are so unhealthy I can't believe you eat those"). He added some shredded white cheddar to his sandwich:We also got a small container of cole slaw for on the side.Yum! The only disappointing part of last night's pork BBQ meal was that we didn't have any dessert afterwards!!! We are out of dessert goodies. No souffle, no bundt cake, no cookies. I had to settle for M&M's.


  1. I concur -- cheap white buns for bbq! As for dessert, you need to go pick up some mocha dark chocolate!

  2. I'm so glad to hear someone agrees with me that pork BBQ belongs on white buns not whole wheat!!!

  3. I don't like WW buns either, though I hae been eating pretzel buns lately. So so good!