Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow & Frittata

Like other Pittsburghers, we watched the snow start to fall around noon on Friday and continue to fall for 24 hours. Here in our yard, there was 2 feet of snow. Yeesh! Here's our front yard at 11:30 pm Friday night:It was so white and bright outside that it almost seemed like it was late afternoon!

It snowed all night long. It was kind of pretty, but where was the walkway?! The driveway?! The little sand cherry trees?!Here's the walkway (sort of!):Uncovering the entire front walk took about an hour.

And here's the driveway, after about 5-6 hours of work:Yes, our driveway slopes down from the road, along the side of the house, and turns around to the right in the rear - lots to shovel. SP started trying to dig out a bit before noon on Saturday. He worked until around 5 pm with a few breaks and some chatting with neighbors. One of our neighbors kindly loaned him her snowblower to help him dig out the driveway. He's pretty darn tired and sore from all the shoveling.

Thankfully on Friday, he got to leave work around 4 pm - not because of snow but because he ended up working 11 hours on Thursday. He stopped at Costco and Giant Eagle on his way home and got our grocery shopping done - thank goodness because Saturday afternoon our neighbor reported that Costco was closed and the brand new Giant Eagle Market District didn't have power and had little staff. He fell in the slippery parking lot and had a tough time making it up the hill to our street, but happily he was safe and sound at home by 7 pm. We decided to make a frittata for dinner.This time we added leftover spinach and mushrooms to 4 eggs plus some grated romano and seasoning. Yum!After dinner we curled up on the couch and watched Zombieland, which is a hilarious movie! So much fun! We confess that we tuned in to the local news at 11 pm to see all the 'snowmageddon' coverage. Then we peered out our window and marveled at the snow and gave thanks that our power was still on - heat, lights, water are all good things. Sadly, Googer lost his power for 21 hours and his water for many hours. We asked him if he wanted to come over but he said he probably couldn't get his car out! His 'snowmageddon' story is here. It's a little more 'exciting' than ours!!!

Hope everyone had a safe weekend and enjoyed the snow.

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