Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl Eats

It turned out that only 2 of SP's friends were able to dig out of the snow and make it over for the game on Sunday. Oh well - we had a nice time watching the Saints win (yay!) and eating way too much not-so-healthy food.SP got up early on Sunday and before tackling more snow shoveling, he made chili. I'm not sure of all the details since I don't eat chili and since I was snuggled in bed when he started the chili. I woke up to the smell of ground turkey browning on the stove. He cooks his chili in a crock pot. I think he tossed in the ground turkey, beans, 3 red peppers, a hot pepper, onion, cilantro, various cans of tomato paste/puree/tomato-y stuff, and maybe a few other seasonings.

Even though I don't really like eating chili, it smells amazing. By the time I got up, the house smelled warm and comforting and peppery.

SP's friends brought apples with a dipping sauce that was equal parts peanut butter & yogurt. They also brought chicken tenders/wings. They were boneless tender chunks that were coated in a BBQ sauce or buffalo sauce. BBQ:D said the BBQ sauce was a 'cheat' of bottled Jack Daniels BBQ sauce with some ketchup & Worcestershire sauce added. I thought it tasted really good!

Buffalo:I didn't try the buffalo sauce ones; apparently buffalo sauce is pretty much just melted butter and, in this case, Frank's Hot Sauce (this was news to me; since I don't eat buffalo wings I had no idea what the sauce ingredients are, I just know buffalo sauce is too hot for me!).

SP microwaved together some salsa and Velveeta which we lapped up with tortilla chips.We also had some spanakopita (from Costco). And of course beer. Except for me - I had one of SP's citrus martinis: a shot each of peach schnappes, vodka, triple sec, and limoncello with the juice of one orange. Mmmm yum! Just one, though - that was enough!!!

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  1. Why is salsa and velveeta so good?! It's the only reason to have velveeta so far as I can tell.

    That citrus martini sounds awesome.