Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Yeast-Risen Waffles

Yes, yes, I dislike Valentine's Day, but it was a terrific excuse to enjoy waffles for breakfast on Sunday!!! SP wanted to try a waffle recipe from Joy the Baker's blog: Weekend Waffles with Maple Black Pepper Bacon.

We didn't have the bacon, just the waffles. These aren't simple Bisquick waffles!!! They're yeast risen waffles. SP made the waffle batter Saturday night. He used all whole wheat flour for his; for mine he used all purpose flour. He made the liquid, then split it in half and added the appropriate flour to each half. It rested on the counter until bedtime, then he refrigerated it, and this morning he took it out to warm up. Poofy batter: After the batter warmed, SP heated the waffle maker and cooked our waffles. Again, poofy:We slathered a bit of butter and lots of real maple syrup on top. His whole wheat looked much like mine inside (mine pictured at top of post) - crispy exterior, soft and poofy interior:Delicious!!!

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  1. Those look sooo tasty. I just inherited a wafflemaker, but I'm a bit scared to try it.