Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend At Home

It's always a nice surprise when flowers are delivered! EPAS and her family sent me some lovely Get Well flowers - they're very pretty and cheery and smell really nice!This past weekend being post-surgery weekend, there wasn't a whole lot of exciting food stuff going on. We, well, I didn't leave the house. There was no dining out. I spent a lot of Saturday and Sunday sleeping, trying to rid myself of all the aches and pains, and I never really felt hungry. SP made sure I ate and he fussed over me, making sure I always had a hot mug of tea, a blanket to stay warm, and if he was off doing laundry or playing XBox, he made sure I had my stuffed frog to cuddle!
He's a big frog. But so smooth and velvety and soft. And funny looking so he makes me laugh!

Friday's dinner was not pizza after all but instead we decided on Uncle Sam's. There's several locations in the Pittsburgh area. Since we live in Robinson, SP went to that one. We shared an order of sweet potato fries, which I really, really like.Sweet and salty. Crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. Yum!

I chose a sub with chicken, mushrooms, and provolone - I can't remember the exact name of it.SP chose the Chicken Florentine sub.He really liked his but he is sad that Uncle Sam's doesn't have a whole wheat or multi-grain bread option, just white.

I mostly like Uncle Sam's, but I think I prefer DiBella's for subs. Uncle Sam's seems to put a lot of mayo on their subs. I suppose I could always ask for no mayo, but then the sub might be too dry. Maybe I should remember to ask for just a little bit of mayo.

Saturday night I really didn't feel like eating much. We ended up splitting an English Muffin with butter and cherry jelly, scrambling some eggs with ham and Swiss cheese, and baking some of the remaining TGIFriday mozzarella sticks.We ate healthier on Sunday and will be eating healthier this week -- leftovers from 2 meals that SP made over the weekend. More on those later!

We tried something new this weekend: SP brought his XBox upstairs so that we could 'stream instantly to our TV' some stuff from Netflix. We wanted to see Starz's new show Spartacus: Blood and Sand. We weren't too impressed with the first episode, which we watched Friday night. It seemed slow and boring, but it's possible that we were just too tired. Saturday we watched the second episode, and it improved a bit, but... There's bad dialog, bad acting (very bad), and really I have more fun making up names for the show instead of watching the show. Spartacus: Tedious and Boring. Spartacus: Abs and Boobs. Spartacus: Fake Blood and Fake Sweaty Skin.

That being said, we will probably look for the next episode on Netflix and watch again, just to see if it gets better. I like the streaming to the TV idea, but you need a device like an XBox to do it. I know there are other options - SP told me all about them, but being not too geeky gadgety (and also being on pain pills) I can't remember them all. I leave those household decisions up to him (the technology ones!). All I know is that SP is now all excited - if he gets me hooked on the streaming, then maybe he can have an XBox upstairs, too, and if there's one upstairs, then maybe he'll get me hooked on XBox games, and then maybe we can play together, and then maybe he'll get lots and lots of XBox gaming time...

He can dream.

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  1. A guy can dream!

    There are plenty of options other than the XBox, though. There's the Roku HD, several different BluRay players, soon even the Wii...