Sunday, March 7, 2010


Saturday was another whirlwind of errands. We set off early and drove to Bethel Bakery to pick out a new icing color for the wedding cake. I'm not being a Bridezilla, I swear, it's just that back in October when we ordered the cake we had no 'theme' (we still don't) and we didn't have any 'wedding colors' but then this past January I finally picked the color and material for my dress (not white) so we decided to use my dress color as the 'color theme' which means we decided to change the icing color from lavender flowers to... well, the color will be revealed at the wedding!!

We were in so many stores looking at so many things that I can't really remember where exactly we were or what exactly we looked at!!! The receipt pile tells me we bought my shoes for the wedding and a birthday present for a nephew. The receipt pile also tells me that around 1 pm we got hungry and decided to use some Arby's coupons on a quick Arby's lunch.

I have not eaten Arby's in ages. Neither has SP (being a non-beef eater). We didn't get beef. We got chicken. He laughed when I took photos of the Arby's food - but this is a food blog, so I must show our unhealthy fast food as well as other foods! Plus, this is new for us - neither of us had eaten at Arby's in probably 5+ years!

SP had the Roast Chicken Club Sandwich.He was pleasantly surprised by it. Not that he's going to start craving Arby's or suggest that we get food there more often, but as a quick lunch when we're on the go, he said this was pretty good.

I felt the same way about my Chicken Bacon & Swiss Sandwich.It was definitely filling - SP ate the last 2 bites for me. It wasn't very greasy. The cheese, bacon, and honey mustard were yummy. Pretty tasty.

We had a coupon for a free small curly fries, so yes, we had some curly fries. Not as tasty as I remember from my college days, but not bad. I like the curly shapes!!!The Nutrition Calculator at tells me my sandwich had 590 calories and a heck of a lot of sodium - which explains why in the past 2 hours I've chugged 3 glasses of water! SP's sandwich had 460 calories and almost as much sodium as mine. That could be why we 'fought' over the last few gulps of the large iced tea we shared!! A small curly fries has 410 calories.

Definitely more calories, fat, and sodium than my usual lunch. But as an occasional quick lunch when you're on the go... well, I suppose it's no better/worse than any other fast food meal.


  1. I used to love that chicken bacon swiss sandwich... Fatty, fast food goodness hits the spot sometimes!

  2. I love the Arby's post! Though, anytime I eat fast food, I get extremely thirsty, too!