Monday, March 8, 2010

Bakery Goodies

Friday night I was at Giant Eagle Market District. Saturday morning I was at Bethel Bakery. There is no way I can visit either place and leave without bakery goodies.

First up, Market District. We picked up some chocolate thumbprints and a couple of these:Cannoli. I love cannoli. It's tough, in my opinion, to find a truly delicious cannoli. But these are pretty darn good. They were $1.50/each, which doesn't seem too bad. The shell was crisp and despite purchasing them around 8 pm and eating them around 9:30 pm, the shell was not soggy from the filling. The filling was smooth and creamy and tasty. I'd get these again as a treat.

Next up, Bethel Bakery treats. Of course I got a Yum Yum, decorated with St. Patrick's Day green sprinkles. I also couldn't resist a chocolate buttercream filled Lady Lox (you can't tell it's filled with chocolate cream in the photo):SP was enticed by these cuties, raspberry filled tea cookies:We ate a couple of them in the car while we were doing errands Saturday afternoon. They are so small and bite-sized -- it would have been very easy for us to eat all of these in one afternoon. Delicious. The only problem: we managed to drip powdered sugar all over our coats while eating and sitting in the usual Robinson traffic gridlock.

I also made a discovery: there is more than one size of Yum Yum at Bethel Bakery. I heard SP say,"Oh no" and I turned around and he said,"Did you see it?" and he laughed and pointed at a GIANT Yum Yum:Which looks like this:And there are incredibly cute mini Yum Yums:And the incredibly cute mini Yum Yums also come as almond cookies with raspberry cream filling flavor:It is entirely possible that we left Bethel Bakery with some of the almond/raspberry mini Yum Yums. And that they aren't lasting long.

Although I was really, really tempted, I resisted the GIANT Yum Yum Cake.

It's going to be a good dessert week!!!


  1. I feel so behind on all of the blogs! The treats look lovely! I think I am going to order my sisters shower cake from Bethel Bakery! Any suggestions??

    Hope all is well with you and Greg!

  2. Whitney: We have actually fallen in love with their almond cake with raspberry cream between the layers - like the new Yum Yums. The chocolate mousse filling is very good, too - a chocolate cake with that filling would be good! I don't think you can go wrong with Bethel Bakery!!