Sunday, March 14, 2010

Breakfast at First Watch

Once again, this past Saturday was filled with errands. We decided that the best way to start another day of errands was to go out for a late breakfast/early lunch. SP mentioned that he thought First Watch at Settlers Ridge was open, so we decided to give it a try. First Watch is a chain, and I think there is one in Cranberry, but it's new to the west/south hills areas.

We got there a bit after 11 am and were surprised to discover that it wasn't very crowded. We were seated right away and ordered some decaf coffee. Like at IHOP, First Watch leaves a coffee carafe on the table so you can pour your own refills. Unfortunately, the carafe only holds about 3 cups of coffee, so we needed to ask a couple of times for a carafe refill. The coffee was decent. Much like bagels, I am not a coffee connoisseur. I don't usually drink it in the mornings, I always get decaf when I order coffee at a restaurant/coffee shop, I like mine with sugar and milk which seems to horrify some of my family and friends, and I'm usually OK with whatever coffee I am served - it has to be really bad coffee for me to say UGH.

A nice touch: in addition to regular creamer, there are some flavored creamers (French Vanilla and Hazelnut) on the table. First Watch also leaves a pitcher of water on the table, which was very convenient for us since SP drinks a lot.We decided to order 2 dishes we both wanted to try and share them. One dish was a Crepeggs dish.A Crepegg is a thin, sweet crepe combined with fluffy, whipped eggs served with potatoes and an English muffin. We chose the Turkey Dill crepegg: turkey, mushrooms, spinach, onions, and Monterey Jack cheese topped with hollandaise, dill, and tomatoes.We both really enjoyed the crepegg. It was big but not too big - definitely enough food for us with the potatoes and English muffin. The potatoes were good, too - sprinkled with a good amount of pepper. Here's the crepegg cut up into pieces, showing the interior goodies:The other dish we chose was the Belgian Waffle, served with blueberry compote and dusted with powdered cinnamon sugar. The waffle comes with 2 eggs any way you like (we chose scrambled) and choice of bacon, sausage, turkey sausage, or ham (we chose turkey sausage).The waffle was definitely light & airy. It was very good. The blueberry compote was nice and had tiny blueberries in it - it wasn't just a blueberry sauce. In addition to the blueberry compote, a pitcher of maple syrup is served with the waffle. I didn't use any syrup.

SP said the eggs were good. We both liked the turkey sausage. It tasted like regular sausage to me (that's a good thing) and SP noted that he didn't notice the usual texture that turkey sausage has, but I am not sure exactly what he meant. Then again, I rarely eat turkey sausage while he orders it as his side when we are out to breakfast so he has tried more turkey sausages than me.

We would definitely go back to First Watch. There are also sandwiches on the menu, many of which sound yummy. In particular we noted that many, if not all, of the wraps use a wheat tortilla and one sounds pretty healthy: the Not Guilty Your Honor wrap with cucumber, spinach, mushrooms, roasted red pepper, tomato, and feta served with a side of hummus.


  1. Oooo... that looks pretty good! I like the idea of having water and coffee left on the table. I like to pour a small amount of coffee in my cup so that it says warm. I'll have to keep that place in mind the next time we're out that way.

  2. i wondered about that place when i spent the day at the market district & la fitness. next time i'm over that way, i might have to stop; it all looks good! (especially the waffle. i'm a belgian waffle FIEND.)