Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hyeholde Afternoon Tea

Last Friday, L and I finally celebrated my birthday! Yes, it's about 4 months late, but shortly after my birthday we both got busy with the winter holidays and then this past January-February was so darn snowy plus factor in that she has 2 small children who, like most kids, frequently get sick and then she gets sick, and it took until March 12 for us to finally get together for our usual birthday afternoon tea!So Friday at 4 pm we arrived at Hyeholde Restaurant for afternoon tea. We were seated at our usual table, right in front of a fireplace. There was not a fire when we arrived but not long after an employee built a fire.Our server brought a tea chest filled with tea choices. I still feel as if a restaurant like Hyeholde should offer loose teas, but the tea bags are good quality teas (not just Lipton) and there are many from which to choose: Mint Green, Chocolate Mint, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Moroccan Mint, Tropical Green, just to name a few. I chose English Breakfast and L chose Green Jasmine.The first course is 4 small savory treats. Every time we go, the savory treats are different, which is nice.There was a small cup of Rutabaga Bisque. It was a creamy soup, garnished with 2 microgreens. It was a creamy soup and very, very tasty.A small grilled mushroom salad with chestnut puree is made from local wild mushrooms. It was very good - there was a very slight smokey flavor.A chunk of creamy cheese studded with walnuts, placed between 2 thin crackers and garnished with a raspberry and locally made honey was also excellent. I cannot usually eat honey by itself, but I scooped up all the honey drizzle because it was so good!Last was a thin baguette slice with microgreens and tiny tomato slices under a spoonful of shrimp salad. That was my favorite of the 4 savory treats and I was happy to also eat L's shrimp salad since she doesn't like shrimp.

The second course is the sweets.First to arrive was a Meyer Lemon Cake parfait treat - I think there was a bit of almond sponge cake with lemony curd and lemon cream.

Next the scones and a glass pedestal with 2 treats arrived. The treats on the glass pedestal were a mini pecan tart and a chocolate layer treat.The pecan tart was yummy and the chocolate layer treat was deliciously chocolaty.The scones were strawberry scones served with cream and a jelly. It was a red berry jelly but I don't remember what flavor it was! The scones were also yummy.

As usual, we sat and talked and sipped tea and enjoyed treats for nearly 3 hours. A wonderfully leisurely afternoon tea/belated birthday celebration.

L's birthday is in April. I suspect we won't have her birthday afternoon tea until July, but of course I am already looking forward to it and wondering what the small treats will be next time.


  1. Omigosh that looks SOOO awesome. I totally want to go to tea at the Hydehold now! Those treats look delish. I concur about the tea -- it's afternoon high tea, they should have loose tea! (FYI -- Sunnyledge does loose tea for its afternoon tea, or at least it did almost five years ago when my shower was there.)

  2. Megan: I liked Sunnyledge the first time I had tea there but the second, and last, time they were not at all prepared for us even though I had made reservations. Awful, awful service - that was maybe 5-6 years ago. We called this past Feb. to go to tea for Valentine's Day but they said they weren't doing tea in Feb. I wonder if they stopped afternoon tea...?

  3. This is part of the reason I love your blog. I am going to have to visit there in the spring for tea!

    Looks like a delightful time!