Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Market District Dinner

Since I am not an X-Box/Wii/PlayStation games kind of person, I chose to not accompany SP to his friend's house for a Saturday evening of gaming. In addition to gaming, it was a gathering to celebrate 2 birthdays, so there was going to be dinner, snacks, and dessert.

This meant I was on my own for dinner Saturday. So Friday night when we were at Market District, I wandered through the prepared foods areas in search of my Saturday dinner.

My first selection: Lobster Bisque. At MD, there are soups near the pizza and prepared foods area and there are soups near the seafood area, specifically, seafood soups. I got a small carton of the lobster bisque in the seafood area. This turned out to be the perfect size for me. After I heated the soup, I poured it into one of my white bowls and it just filled the bowl.I put some ground pepper on top of the soup. It was good. I'd definitely get it again. It didn't taste too salty to me (sometimes soups taste salty to me). There were teeny bits of lobster - naturally, a bit more lobster and larger chunks would make this soup much better, but this is soup from MD and it was around $3.19 for the size I got. I had a hard time not gobbling up the last 1-2 spoonfuls (I wanted to leave a wee bit for SP to sample).

Next up, a bagel and cream cheese. I just didn't feel like a 'real' dinner and I spotted the MD cream cheese when we were in the bakery area drooling over cookies and breads. It's right behind the bagels in the bakery area. I decided that a bagel with cream cheese would go nicely with my soup.

I love cream cheese. MD has 2 flavors I have been wanting to try: cucumber dill and goat cheese & rosemary. I decided on the cucumber dill.This was as good if not better than the cucumber dill cream cheese that I used to get at Brueggers a very long time ago; I don't think they have it anymore. I was surprised by the big chunks of cucumber. I had expected teeny weeny bits or for it to be almost pureed into the cream cheese. The chunks added a nice, cucumber crunch texture to the cream cheese and it was very dill-y. Dill is one of my favorite herbs and I think cucumber & dill are one of those perfect combinations.

I ate my cucumber dill cream cheese on a MD multi-grain bagel.This bagel was tasty. Not as heavy/dense as a bagel from Panera or Brueggers. I'm not a bagel expert, and I'm not all that discriminating about bagels, I just ask that it not be stale or rubbery, not be too hard, and not be just plain gross. I liked that this bagel was not too dense/filling because I was feeling quite full Saturday evening after the Arby's lunch and I really wanted to have room for my Yum Yum. I toasted only half the bagel at first but after I ate the first half, it was so good that I decided to go ahead and eat the second half.

There aren't a lot of flavors of bagels at MD. We saw plain, sesame, multi-grain, and blueberry and maybe one other, I forget, but they're decent bagels. The MD by South Hills Village used to have cheddar cheese bagels, which were pretty tasty, and I think a few other flavors, but I haven't been to that MD in a very long time, so maybe they, too, only have 4-5 flavors now

A tasty and quick dinner. Since the cucumber dill cream cheese was so good, I am really looking forward to trying the goat cheese & rosemary cream cheese.


  1. That soup sounds like a great idea! It's always good to have something nice, but easy around for a quick bite. Your bagel, though, looks like it needs some smoked salmon to go with the dill and cream cheese! (Of course, this is assuming one likes smoked salmon...)

  2. I was at MD yesterday am looking for some fresh fruit. Their cold bar wasn't open yet, so I looked at their "cut and package fruit" section (haha!) and was shocked to find that a small container of kiwi and strawberries was $5! I scoffed and put it back ;)