Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunny Weekend

pomegranate rosehip tea
After the flurry of food tidbits to post about last week, I find myself with a food void! This past weekend was definitely a non-food filled weekend. It actually was a bit of an annoying & disappointing weekend. Here's how it went:

Friday night dinner: completely random and not very healthy. We finished the frozen TGIFriday's mozzarella sticks & Costco spanakopita in the freezer along with some veggies lurking in the veggie bin.

Friday night fun: Watched The Princess & the Frog. We enjoyed this movie! Light-hearted Disney fun - and with frogs (I like frogs).

Saturday morning: The usual morning routine of yogurt, tea, and reading the newspaper plus a weekend treat - SP made me scrambled eggs with ham and Swiss on an English muffin. Yum! I didn't take any photos.

A bit after lunchtime, we headed off to Munhall for the 2 year old nephew's birthday party. Beautiful, sunny, warm spring day in Pittsburgh. The perfect day to be stuck in traffic for over an hour trying to get from Robinson to Munhall. The Parkway West was backed up to Carnegie so we got off at Green Tree and tried West End/ Carson Street but that really wasn't much better. Grrrr. We were late. Very late.

The party was inside. No one seemed to want to be outside on the patio enjoying the awesome weather and I got a wee bit annoyed that we were stuck inside a stuffy social room instead of outside enjoying the most awesome day since last fall.

There were kids with icky sticky hands and who were coughing and sniffling and trying to play with me and all I could think was THE GERMS!! HELP I'M GOING TO GET SICK. I washed my hands very vigorously and with a lot of soap when we left.

Sadly, the birthday boy fell asleep right after we sang 'Happy Birthday' and cut the cake so he didn't open his gifts. Isn't that the best part of a little kid's party - watching him open his gifts? Nope, not this one. The other kids and his parents opened his gifts while he slept for 2 hours. What a disappointment.

Then it was 5 pm and the party was over. Time to leave. We haven't seen a movie since early January and there are several we want to see so we made the short drive over to AMC Loews Waterfront. We decided to see the 5:45 pm showing of Green Zone and we were thinking we'd be in time to catch the last matinee (it was before 6 pm) - yay cheaper movie price. But no. Apparently, that theater has some crazy pricing scheme that I just don't have the brainpower to try to understand right now (I was googling their site to confirm my memory of Saturday's pricing discoveries) but the point here is that a 5:45 pm movie on a Saturday afternoon at AMC Loews Waterfront is full adult price.

That's disappointing because the brand new Cinemark Robinson Theater that is 2 minutes from our house is $8.75 for a Saturday evening movie (after 6 pm) and $6 for a movie before 6 pm any day of the week plus the first showing of each movie any day of the week is only $5. I think from now on we'll stick with our theater.

So we paid $10 each plus $5 for a soda. We really enjoyed the movie, so that was good. We left the theater a little before 8 pm. When I grabbed my phone to turn the ringer volume back up, I saw I had just missed a call from my dad. I gave him a quick call back and discovered that both Villanova and Kansas had lost. AARRGGHH. That kills my (and SP's) basketball bracket selections. So much for winning this year. Go Kansas State.

We were near Squirrel Hill so of course we went to Te Cafe, figuring we needed to do something to improve the day and relax a bit plus we were still out of Blue Lady and Orange Spice tea. And we had brought a bunch of magazines from our growing stack of reading material. As we approached, we noticed a sign that said 30% off teas and we got excited about a tea sale, not realizing until we got inside and overheard some employees talking that everything is on sale because THEY'RE CLOSING.

Terrible, terrible news for us. We LOVE the teas at tea cafe, we prefer hanging out there to hanging out in a coffee shop (or a bar), and the news that they are closing was sad. The owners are closing for personal reasons, not financial, and there's hope that someone might buy it and keep it open, but nothing close to happening yet so as of the end of this month, they're closing.

We stayed almost until closing, enjoying some Panettone Tea (black; for me) and House of Orange (green; for SP), and catching up on our reading. We also stocked up on Lemon Spice, White Peony, House of Orange, and Pomegranate Rosehip. They were still out of Blue Lady and Orange Spice. Oh well...

Saturday was not really a great day! We spent a lot of time in traffic. We ate horribly (chips, cookies, birthday cake, soda). We didn't get to enjoy the afternoon warmth and sunshine. We thought we would save a bit of money (and avoid annoying teens/college kids) by seeing a matinee but that didn't work out (not even the avoiding obnoxious teens/college kids by seeing an early movie). Both of our basketball brackets are busted. We had our last trip to Te Cafe.

When we got home around 10:30, we spent some time going through the mail and putting our new teas away and then we went to bed, hoping that the rain would hold off on Sunday so that we could enjoy a nice day.

lemon spice tea


  1. urgh. what a disappointing day! i hope sunday was better!

  2. At least the sun was shining while you were sitting in Pittsburgh traffic, no? Maybe at least one side of your face got tan? =)

  3. I've always thought Loew's is a ripoff and I refuse to go there unless I get a free screening pass. I think the rule is it's $5 before noon on the weekends... or something strange like that. I'd much rather go to the SS Works Cinema even though it's further out of the way - same movies, newer space, less shadiness (I've never heard of anyone getting shot there), and their cheaper prices are until 5 or 6... plus they have $5 Mondays with free popcorn!

  4. I can't believe Te Cafe is closing!!! So sad. I'm not even a huge tea fan. I just get sad when small places like that close. Are you from the Squirrel Hill area?

    I'm over in Bloomfield (for another few months).