Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blog Anniversary & CSA Begins

Today, April 14, is my one year blogging anniversary. The blog is still a work in progress and I am again contemplating some changes to the layout, color, title -- maybe something all new since it has been a year and since we are getting married and 'starting anew' but that is for me to sort out later on, after the wedding dust settles - !!

My celebratory blog anniversary post will simply be: The First CSA Box of 2010! We joined the Penns Corner CSA again this year and are splitting a share with SP's dad. Here are this week's goodies:Apple cider, a dozen eggs from free range hens, Gouda cheese, cherry belle radishes, arugula, watercress, lettuce, and white potatoes.We've already enjoyed our CSA veggies. Last night for dinner we made a salad using the lettuce, watercress, arugula, and radishes plus Costco/Giant Eagle cucumber, tomato, and peppers.When I was separating the watercress into 2 piles, one for us and one for SP's dad, I got a reminder of just how farm fresh the CSA goodies are: a reddish brownish spider hopped out and made me jump and shriek like the bug wimp that I am!

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  1. Ooo... Yummy CSA goodies. (Reminds me that I still need to get on the ball with that!)