Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CSA Week #3

Today is CSA #3 and I have no idea what's in the box because we are on our honeymoon!!!!

As I write this and set it up to publish, I am still undecided on whether or not to take my netbook on the honeymoon. Checking email or blogging seems so unromantic! Then again, as SP pointed out, we can always transfer photos off the camera to the laptop and free up some space on the memory card. But then again - will I really have time to even turn it on? Decisions, decisions...

So where are we? By the time this posts, we will have enjoyed several days in Savannah, GA and then moved on to Charleston, SC. I have always wanted to see these 2 cities, they were within driving distance (although 11.5 hours of driving plus stops makes for a very long day on the road), and several magazines have written about how romantic these 2 cities are.

Honeymoon details coming soon!

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  1. Oh! Hope you're having a wonderful time. Those cities are supposed to be great. (They're on my list of to-go places as well.) Can't wait to "hear" more!