Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Dinner

For Easter dinner, we had 2 options: ham or lamb. SP bought both ham and lamb when he did the grocery shopping. Growing up, we always had ham on Easter since my grandfather didn't like lamb. In more recent years, it's been lamb. I like both a lot - I love lamb, but we hardly ever eat ham, so ham is a nice change.

Easter morning, we decided to have the ham for dinner and we put the lamb in the freezer. The ham was a big ham, so he cut it in half and we made half of it for Easter dinner. He took the other half and cut it in half and froze the 2 smaller pieces for the 2 of us to eat in the coming months.

Before starting dinner preparations, SP made mom & I orange martinis and himself a gin & tonic. Here's what he adds to the freshly squeezed orange juice:And here's the final drink - yum!The ham only needed to be in the oven for about an hour. We had seen a Maple-Spice Ham Glaze recipe in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette a couple of weeks ago. Turns out the recipe is for a fresh ham, but we halved it and put it on our ham. Oh my gosh -- it was delicious!

Growing up, my grandfather was a very plain, meat & potatoes guy, so we never had any glaze on our Easter ham. Sometimes, grandma would put some cloves in, but that was as exciting as it got. So this was a new experience for me!!We were surprised that the recipe used regular sugar instead of brown sugar. The maple syrup is basted on after rubbing the ham with the cinnamon-cloves-nutmeg-allspice-sugar mixture... mmmm the house smelled so good.Here's the ham after it cooked:While the ham was in the oven, SP fired up the grill and we grilled potatoes and zucchini & asparagus.

My mom made the potatoes. When she makes grilled potatoes, she peels and slices Idaho potatoes, slices onion, and layers the potato and onion slices in foil with butter and fresh pepper and whatever other seasonings we feel like. Sometimes just parsley. Sometimes with cheese. Yesterday was a cheese day since I had originally wanted scalloped potatoes. After she folds the foil up around the potato-onion mound, she usually wraps another 1-2 layers of foil around for stability. About 7 smallish Idaho potatoes with onion & cheese took about an hour on the grill.I make these grilled potatoes in foil, but mine never taste as good as mom's. I don't know what she does, but they're always so darn good.Mom also washed and sliced a zucchini and a bunch of super skinny asparagus. SP arranged it all on our veggie grilling pan and coated them with olive oil, salt, and pepper. It doesn't take too long to grill veggies.

Here's some slices of ham with some tasty caramelized/blacked maple-spice goo scraped up off the bottom of the glass baking dish:There was one more part to our meal: kielbasa. Seemed a bit odd to me, but SP said that every year when he was growing up, they had a bit of kielbasa (his father's family is Polish) so he got some kielbasa out of the freezer to thaw and simply cooked it in boiling water. The kielbasa tasted good to me, and usually I am not a huge fan of kielbasa. We just ate a bit of it, and SP was happy to share that part of his childhood Easter tradition with me and my mom.

A very tasty meal. Everything was so good that I ate way too much food!!! Dessert was leftover bridal shower cake and some Sarris cappuccino meltaway egg. Yum!


  1. Those potatoes sound yummy. Can you do them in the oven instead of the grill?

  2. Yup. The grill is good for the high heat and keeping the oven free (for the ham in this case) but oven should work just fine.