Monday, April 12, 2010

Mrs. SP

This past weekend we got our first piece of mail addressed to 'Mr. and Mrs. SP.' Wow! It was so weird to see my name as 'Mrs. SP!'

Late Saturday night as SP was out at a game night with his friends and I was sitting in my recliner reading, I looked at the clock and had a mini nervous excitement/anxiety attack when I realized that in one week the whole wedding would be over and we'd be married! All the planning and stress and such - done.

It's going to be quite the week! We need to finish printing the programs and figure out the seating arrangement but everything else is settled. I even had a 'hair do trial run' when I got my hair colored and cut over the weekend.

So here we go - 5 more days until the big day!


  1. How exciting! Best wishes to you both!

  2. You must post pictures! And what about all the details! I need details!!