Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Wedding Ceremony

Everyone woke up bright & early Saturday, ready for a busy, busy day! My niece slept at our house since she was going to get her hair done with me and my mom Saturday morning. SP also had a hair appointment Saturday morning, so while we showered and ate breakfast, my mom set off to pick up the flowers. Dad was in charge of the cell phones and any calls about whether or not the road to the church was open yet.

The flowers: We ordered the bride's bouquet, my niece's bouquet, and the corsages/boutonnieres from Puhlman's in Carnegie. My bouquet was a nosegay of peach & ivory roses tied with a peach ribbon:The corsages and boutonnieres were also peach & ivory roses. While mom was in Carnegie, she drove by the church - and the road was still closed at both ends. Uh-oh.We set off to get our hair done. Did I mention that after many beautiful, sunny, warm April days, after the storms rolled through it was cold, gray, and sprinkly all wedding weekend long? Yeah. Boo. I was very worried about my hair surviving the weather!

It took almost 2 hours for my niece and I to get our hair done. Lots of soft curls! Plus a flower for me. Normally, my hair is straight. We had to trim the outer petals off the flower because it was too big for my tiny head! After trimming off petals, it didn't resemble an open rose anymore, but oh well. Better that than looking like my head was being attacked by a giant peach bug!After lots of hairspray and fussing, we were off to the next stop: lunch. We grabbed lunch at Wendy's and went right to the church for rehearsal. At this point, one side of the road was opened (of course not the side we gave everyone in the directions to the church) and when we pulled in, the electric guys were working on the pole/lines right at the corner of the church. In fact, a few moments after we pulled in, power was finally restored to the church. Around this time, there were lots of frantic phone calls to give the people involved in the rehearsal the alternate directions.Everyone arrived and we had a crazy, quick rehearsal at 1:30 pm before dashing off to get ready. Unfortunately, since the church is an historical church and therefore not open all the time, we all had to leave since they were going to lock it until 3 pm. SP had planned on staying and changing at the church, but instead he and his dad ended up hanging out at a Starbucks and - get ready for a laugh - the groom got dressed in a Starbucks bathroom!!!! They headed back to the church around 3 pm.Meanwhile, my parents, niece, and I dashed home. Thank goodness Robinson isn't too far from Carnegie! During this time, SP and I were calling wedding guests to give them the alternate directions. Good thing we were having a small wedding!!

Shortly after I got home and started washing my face and re-doing my make-up, my friend PM stopped by for emergency dress altering. Stupidly, I didn't try on the camisole when the seamstress dropped it off (there had been a prior fitting so I just figured all was OK) and the straps were falling off my shoulders. I had put the camisole on in the morning so that I wouldn't have to pull it on over my head later in the day and put on a warm, comfy button-front shirt for hair/rehearsal and struggled with floppy straps. PM quickly stitched me up - no more floppy straps.
After a quick, crazy hour at home, we were off to the church, again!! Happily, it never actually did more than sprinkle a week bit. Being the bride and therefore the last to arrive/enter, I missed the church organist playing the 1823 pipe organ that was brought from England and carried over the Allegheny Mountains.Around 4 pm my dad walked me down the aisle and by 4:30 pm we were married!! I got a little teary a couple of times and had to try to zone out so I wouldn't cry and ruin my make-up!! The moms got teary - I cry whenever other people cry so I couldn't look at the moms!!! SP got a little choked up when he was reciting the vows so I stopped looking at him then!!

My niece was my 'Bride's Attendant'/Maid of Honor:I told her she could wear whatever dress she wanted. I wanted her to feel comfortable. She and her mom bought this dress. My niece liked it; her mom didn't think it was formal enough. I thought she looked pretty, especially since usually she's more of a tomboy, and her hair was in soft curls and pulled back. We got her a 'bouquet' of 3 ivory roses to carry.

SP's 7 year old nephew was the 'Groom's Attendant'/Best Man. We told him he didn't have to wear a suit. He did wear a tie and looked very handsome. He stood at attention:He got a little bored halfway through:And sometimes, you just gotta dance during the wedding ceremony:We got married at Old St. Luke's Church in Carnegie. It was a Presbyterian ceremony. My brother read 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 and EPAS read selected verses from Song of Songs, Mark, and John. We lit a unity candle:Otherwise it was a typical wedding ceremony! We stayed in front of the church after the ceremony and everyone came up to us for the receiving line. And then we took some photos!

In keeping with our not extravagant and not typical wedding, we did not hire a professional photographer. Instead, we asked Googer to take photos. He borrowed the digital SLR camera he gave his mom for Christmas and he took many wonderful photos. Thank you Googer!!

Everyone left the church and it was just SP and I. We got into our car (no limo - remember, not your typical wedding!) and smiled and smooched and then it was off to the reception!


  1. I think Greg should dance at Ethan's wedding!!! Thanks for taking this in stride.

  2. He was fine - very well behaved, just a bit young to stand still the whole time.

  3. N--You looks beaitiful! The dress is amazing! I love that you both love Carnegie! Isn't Old Saint Luke's just perfect?