Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wedding Weekend

It's wedding time!! I'm excited and nervous and don't want it to be here already yet kind of want it over...! A mix of crazy thoughts!

I thought I'd share a few details, but not too many since some family/friends sometimes read the blog and I don't want all our guests to know every little detail ahead of time.

Friday is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner is at Buca di Beppo. I've never been there, but my parents and SP have. There will be 16 of us in the Pope's Room. We picked the appetizers, salads, pastas, entrees, and desserts ahead of time, but I'll save the details for later, when I have some photos.

Then it's the big day!! My 11 year old niece is the 'Bride's Attendant' and she'll be going with me and my mom to get our hair done for the wedding Saturday morning. I hope the rain is gone by then! I don't want my wedding hair do to get messed up!

Various members of our families and some of our friends will be in and out of the house over the next 3-4 days and we have some people staying with us. Someone will be going to get the flowers (peach & ivory roses) and someone will be taking some things up to the reception site.

The wedding is at Old St. Luke's Church in Carnegie. I really wish it could have been at First Presbyterian Church on Washington Avenue in Carnegie since that's where my grandparents and parents got married, but the church is now Cefalo's.

Our reception is at Sewickley Speakeasy. There will be an hors d'oeuvre/cocktail hour, hopefully outside on the patio, but the weather does not look like it will cooperate. We chose 4 kinds of wine (bottles instead of by the glass) for our guests (in addition to beer and mixed drinks):

Two whites:
Ponzi Pinot Grigio
Kendall Jackson Reserve Chardonnay

And two reds:
Clay Station Cabernet-Petit Syrah (one of my favorites)
Coppola Malbec

The meal will be inside. Our guests had five entree choices listed on the reply card: Poached Salmon, Tilapia (stuffed with crab), Veal Marsala, Chicken Cordon Blue, and Duck a l'Orange. The table centerpieces are vases of peach and ivory roses plus ivory votives.

I've mentioned before that our cake is from Bethel Bakery, but I'll keep the flavors and fillings a secret for now. SP and I do not dance, so there's no dancing/DJ but we can, if we wish, provide our own CDs, which they will play.

And then it'll be over and I'll officially be Mrs. SP. We won't be going on our honeymoon right away. For many reasons, we are delaying the honeymoon for a bit.

Here we go!


  1. Good Luck!! I can't wait to see pictures!!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Best of luck! Savor every minute! That menu sounds fab!

  3. Good luck! Hope you have a perfect day! :)

  4. Ahhh Old Saint Lukes!!!! Soooo happy! Welcome back =) I'm sure you know I'd be thrilled about that! I'm really excited for you. I hope you both have an amazing day!