Tuesday, May 18, 2010

At Last - Grilling

Sunday morning was beautiful - sunny & warmish. Finally, a good day for grilling. But before getting to the grilling, SP made me breakfast. We got up late (after being up late), so I guess it was more like brunch. He made scrambled eggs with cheese, washed and cut some strawberries, and toasted an English muffin then spread some butter and strawberry jam on the muffin. Yum!I like when he makes breakfast/lunch for me! Even when he makes the exact same lunch for me that I make for myself everyday, it's always nice to have someone else do it!

Then it was time to make some BBQ sauce. SP mixed up the BBQ and here's a photo of the ingredients:

The final sauce is on the left in the square plastic container. I have no idea how much/how little of each ingredient he used. I think I was doing something else in the kitchen, or maybe I wasn't even in the kitchen, but before I knew it, he was done and asking if I was going to take a photo! I would need to follow a recipe because I have not made enough BBQ sauce to be able to eyeball ingredient amounts. SP is the one who makes the BBQ sauces, and he whips up a lot of sauces over the summer plus in the winter for pulled pork, so he's in charge of BBQ. I just taste and see if I like it. If I don't, we keep a bottle of store bought BBQ in the refrigerator that I like.

In an effort to use existing food, such as CSA potatoes and CSA chives, plus leftovers like sour cream and cheddar cheese from the tacos, we decided to make Mashed Potato Casserole.I have had this recipe for many, many years. It was published in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I've only made it once before and I can't remember much about it except that I had to call my mom for help making mashed potatoes because I had never before made mashed potatoes!

Late Sunday afternoon, I peeled and cut the potatoes. I really dislike peeling potatoes but since SP was busy doing some stuff that I wanted him to do, I couldn't expect him to also peel potatoes. Cutting them, though, was a lot of fun. Googer got us a wonderful set of super duper sharp knives and I have been loving one in particular. It's a smaller one, not one of the huge scary ones, and my new favorite knife slices through potatoes, broccoli, and onions like they are butter. Who knew slicing hard veggies could be so much fun?

After the potatoes boiled, SP mashed them and added the chives, sour cream, eggs, and pepper:We spread the mashed potato mixture in a casserole dish and put it in the oven. Then we opened a bottle of Shiraz and went out on the deck. Thanks to Googer, on Saturday we finally got the deck furniture moved from winter storage in the garage up onto the deck.SP fired up the grill. The ribs went on first:They received several BBQ sauce bastings. When the ribs were almost finished, he put the eggplant and onion on the grill.Meanwhile, I was back inside setting the table and checking on the potatoes. It was a bit after 7 pm and it was getting a wee bit chilly outside, so we decided to eat inside after all. Here's the potato casserole just out of the oven; look at that melted cheddar cheese on top!SP brought the ribs inside and sliced them:I spooned some potato casserole onto our plates:And we transferred the vegetables from the grill tray to a plate:The potatoes were a bit time consuming. but it's not difficult to make the casserole. The grilling was easy - all we had to do was slice the eggplant and onion, layer them on the grill tray, brush on a bit of olive oil, and turn them when they started to brown. For the ribs, SP simply opened the Costco pack, divided them in half, froze half and placed the other half on the grill. He checked on them every so often, turning them over, and basting with the BBQ sauce.

I am so happy grilling season is here. I love grilled vegges and grilled, BBQ meats. Yum! And, as usual, we have leftovers for the week.

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