Monday, May 10, 2010

Charleston - Day 9

Our final day of vacation, our last day to enjoy Charleston, and we decided to visit Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum - Home of the USS Yorktown. I have to admit that being able to tour an aircraft carrier is pretty cool. We got to walk through the kitchen where we found this recipe posted:10,000 chocolate chip cookies! No wonder they needed this:A giant hook to mix up all the cookie ingredients:SP got to climb into a plane and pretend to be a pilot!He took this photo of the cockpit controls. It looks confusing to me!There were lots of aircraft on the flight deck plus a great view of the bridge and harbor.Here's the cable that catches the arresting hook to stop the plane/keep it from going off the deck:There's also a submarine you can tour, the USS Clamagore:I didn't tour the submarine.

We spent a bit more than 4 hours at Patriots Point. It's very interesting and there is a lot to see, not just the aircraft carrier, planes, and submarine, but a lot of museum exhibits, the Medal of Honor Museum (much, much more interesting than either of us expected) - just a really great place to tour.

We drove back to town, parked the car, and walked to a cupcake place near our hotel. It's simply called Cupcake.Here's the board of cupcake flavors:SP chose Peaches & Cream. I chose Mint Chocolate Chip. Both were very tasty. Lots of icing, which some people might not like, but we did - of course, we also ate ours with forks so that we could get the proper amount of icing and cake in each bite. I cannot imagine just trying to bite into it with that much icing on top! The cake was moist. I think I read somewhere that the chocolate cake is vegan. If I had known ahead of time, I probably would not have chosen a chocolate cake cupcake, but the cake was very good. I think they were $2.75 a cupcake, which is a little pricey and I'm not sure they were really worth that price. However, we were on vacation and it was worth it to try, plus the shop is very cute. If Cupcake was in Pittsburgh, well, I'm not sure I'd be a frequent purchaser of their cupcakes.

Cupcake also makes mini-cupcakes and mega-cupcakes, both of which must be ordered 24 hours in advance.

After our cupcake break, we went back to the hotel to rest, freshen up, and change clothes for our 6:15 pm dinner reservation. Our last meal in Charleston was SO GOOD that it deserves its very own post - coming soon!

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  1. What a fab trip! Looking forward to the final post!