Friday, May 14, 2010

Return to Houlihan's

It was another one of those whirlwind weekends. Our first full weekend at home after the honeymoon and we were anxious to get out and spend some of our gift cards! Our shopping took us to many stores in the Robinson area and before we knew it, our tummies were gurgling. Hmmmm - what to do? We weren't done shopping, it was very windy, we had no desire to drive very far...

So we again found ourselves at Houlihan's at Robinson Mall. We wanted to go to Macy's anyway, so it was convenient.

It was a chilly and windy day, so I wanted something warm - Baked Potato Soup with cheddar cheese, bacon, and green onions.Pretty tasty. SP liked it, too. While I warmed up with soup, he munched on a 'Small Plate' Thai Noodle Bowl: ginger-peanut noodles (chilled), cilantro, basil, mint, napa cabbage, and sweet + sour carrots.He said they were decent for a chain restaurant but not as good as at a 'real' Thai restaurant.

We again shared the Goat Cheese & Artichoke Poppers with fresh thyme and lemon zest.They were just as tasty as last time.

For my meal, I ordered a 'Small Plate' Flatbread Pizza - the Wild Mushroom & Arugula with white truffle vinaigrette.This was very tasty. Lots of mushrooms and tasty truffle oil plus the greens on top - yum!

SP opted for Fish Tacos - two soft flour tortillas layered with chipotle mayo, tilapia breaded in flaky Panko bread crumbs, napa cabbage, pico, and sweet honey-cumin dressing served with chips and salsa.He said they were good but not as good as the ones at The Cheesecake Factory (although neither is as good as at a 'real' Mexican restaurant).

We again shared the Italian Style Donut Flight for dessert. Cinnamon and nutmeg donuts served with Dark Chocolate Kahlua and White Chocolate Baileys dipping sauces.These were good but not as good as the donut dessert we had at Fiamma Trattoria & Bar at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. Those were so gosh darn good and are responsible for our (ok, my) mini obsession with donuts & dipping sauce for dessert. If a place has donuts for dessert, we (I) have to have them.

A decent meal. The staff is quite young - this is not necessarily a bad thing nor a good thing, just an observation that they seem quite young and therefore not that experienced/at ease. Not bad service, nothing wrong, just... young. But very friendly and helpful.

We did some more errands after dinner and then headed home for hot tea and to check out our new purchases.


  1. I was just in Vegas over the weekend and dined at Fiamma. haha. i did not have the donuts but I guess I should have!

  2. Glad this trip was more successful than the last one! I love those popper things!