Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thumbprint Cookies

Friday night we decided to make cookies. We have lots of jars of jelly/jam/preserves in the refrigerator, so I suggested thumbprint cookies. We found this recipe for Butter & Jam Thumbprints -- I like this one because there's no chopped nuts on the sides of the cookies. I prefer nut-free cookies (except for the walnut cups!).Soon enough the dough was ready, the jelly jars gathered, and the cookie sheets lined with parchment. I used my cookie dough scoop to scoop out balls of dough. I got about 32 scoops.

While I was scooping, a friend called, so I didn't take any photos because I was talking on the phone and because, in the next step, my hands got way too greasy to handle the camera!!!The next step was to roll the scoops into smooth, round balls and roll those balls in granulated sugar. Then I used a half teaspoon measuring spoon to make the thumbprint indentations. We filled the thumbprints with cherry, peach, strawberry, or raspberry. Each cookie sheet baked for about 15 minutes.After cleaning up, we settled on the couch to watch the 'V' finale and sample the cookies. Mmmm yum! The buttery cookie part is delicious! Soft, moist, flavorful. So good. The jelly adds a nice pop of flavor. All 4 flavors are good, but I think the raspberry is my favorite, followed by the peach.These are so tasty. We've been snacking on them for breakfast, after lunch, in the evening - this batch of 32 only lasted from Friday evening until Monday evening!! I guess we'll have to make more soon.

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  1. Those look so amazingly delicious right now!