Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CSA Week #8

Look at this surprise in this week's CSA box:Strawberries!!! We also got apple cider, lots of greens, a parsley plant, turnips, and rhubarb - and a surprise bug or two which of course made me shriek like the wimpy girl I am. Googer laughed and made fun of me then squished one of them. We think there might be another one, maybe a tick, loose in the house now... yuck. We saw it in the lettuce and when I tried to get it, it crawled in deeper and then when we ripped the lettuce apart to divide it, the little bugger was no where to be found.To be honest, we're getting a little tired of all the greens. We've had a lot of salads and wilted/sauteed greens. I'm ready for the summer fruits and vegetables! Here's what we did with some of the recent CSA goodies:Cabbage sauteed with onions, scallions, and leftover ham. We also sauteed chard/other greens with whatever leeks/scallions/ramps were still lurking in the veggie bin:Looks like this week will be more salad. And, we still have to use the rhubarb from a couple weeks ago plus the new rhubarb. We found a rhubarb ice cream recipe and a rhubarb-lemon cake recipe, but we haven't made a decision yet. I suppose we should soon, before the rhubarb gets too rubbery or moldy! Plus we still have the sorrel.

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  1. I just gave the past 2 shipments of rhubarb to my mom, thinking I was through with rhubarb. Dangit. Also soooooo tired of salads. Glad I tried the CSA, but maybe next year I'll just work on getting the summer-months one - I love berries!