Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day Desserts

In addition to a couple of appetizers, we took dessert to the Father's Day gathering. Our dessert choices were mostly influenced by our desire to use some of our wedding gifts. We wanted to make a cake so that we could try out the new cake keeper/carrier (pictured above) and we wanted to make something in the ice cream maker (which was a gift from Z).

CREAM CHEESE POUND CAKE Way back in December 2003, I cut out a recipe from Bon Appetit for Cream Cheese Pound Cake. I've been wanting to make it for years, but it always seems to 'lose out' to other desserts. Every time I mention my Cream Cheese Pound Cake recipe, SP chimes in about his Cream Cheese Pound Cake recipe from his childhood and how his mom used to let the kids make it themselves and they loved it. He always wants to use his recipe, I always want to try mine. Truthfully, they are very similar.Well, this past weekend, his recipe 'won' - I'd like to say it 'won' because I'm a wonderful wife but truth is, my recipe requires placing the cake in a cold oven, turning the oven on to 200, and increasing the oven temperature every 15-20 minutes for an hour and then baking at 300 for an hour longer while in his recipe the cake bakes at 350 for 45 minutes and I needed to be able to reheat the Greek food in the oven and a 200 degree oven just would not do! (I didn't want to microwave the Greek food because microwaving doesn't always reheat things nicely, especially things with phyllo dough).The one thing about his recipe is that it calls for self-rising flour. We had to 'google' how to turn all purpose flour into self-rising flour -- you can see our newly added note on the recipe card. Once you figure that out, this is a very easy recipe.SP made the cake batter while I got to grease and flour all the ridges in the bundt pan. Fun.The cake took a bit longer than 45 minutes. It was poofy and nicely golden when the toothpick came out clean.Thanks to my amazing greasing and flouring skills, the cake came out of the bundt pan intact - no hunks missing/stuck in a ridge: The cake was quite tasty. I thought it might be a bit dry after my first few bites, but then the bit of dryness disappeared. Yummy cream cheese taste.


We decided to make a strawberry sorbet to enjoy with the cream cheese bundt cake. We used the recipe from the booklet that came with the ice cream maker. While I made the simple syrup (1 cup water and 1 cup sugar), SP washed, quartered, and pureed a quart of strawberries with fresh squeezed lemon juice.He strained the puree into a container and then mixed in the cooled simple syrup and some corn syrup.We refrigerated it overnight, churned it in the ice cream maker Sunday morning (adding vodka as the liquor to help with freezing, but it still got very hard!), and tossed it in the freezer for about 4 hours before heading over to his dad's place.The final sorbet was very tasty with a very strong strawberry flavor. I thought it might have been a tad too sweet. It made me very thirsty! Next time we make a strawberry sorbet, I think I'd like to find a recipe that uses a bit less sweetener - the simple syrup plus corn syrup seems a bit much.

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