Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Glazed Donut = Happiness

Ever have one of those days - you eat a largish brunch, set off on errands (not so fun errands, like dealing with the refrigerator issue which is rapidly becoming a huge headache), and suddenly, you NEED to eat. Something. Almost anything. Your tummy wants food. NOW. You're driving past fast food places, places you normally don't want food from because they're so unhealthy, but suddenly, you think Taco Bell must surely have the best burrito ever and even though you don't like Mexican and certainly not anything with beans who cares? A burrito sounds good. Or Arby's curly fries - they are calling your name and then you see King's and start drooling over mozzarella sticks and an Eggel Bagel. Slowly but surely your food cravings and rants are driving your husband crazy. He pulls into Shop'N Save to buy the yellow kitchen sponges that you absolutely positively must have because no other sponge is acceptable and of course the stores near your home do not sell the amazing yellow sponges so they require a special trip. He leaves you in the car because he is so sick of the food monologue and after such a long time inside, so long that you start to think he left you after 7 weeks of marriage because he just couldn't take the food fantasies, he comes back to the car not just with the coveted yellow sponges (all 10 that were on the rack in the store) but also with a bakery bag and before he can even get all the way in the car you rip the bag from his hands, peek inside, gasp in joy at the sight of donuts, grab one, and snarf it up in about 30 seconds, a record time given your usual slow eating pace.

Yeah, It was that kind of day. But the glazed donut did the trick and I stopped verbally fantasizing about food on our errands. Of course when we got home, the cheesy poofs were calling out to me...

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