Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grilling: Pizza & Burgers

It's Saturday morning and I am finally getting around to writing about what we made for dinners last week - and starting to think about what we should make for this coming week. Thanks to a busy, errand-filled day last Saturday and the Father's Day gathering last Sunday, we didn't have time to do any 'ahead of time' meal preparation like we normally do. Our meals for the week were burgers (ground bison for SP & ground beef for me) and pizza (whole wheat crust for SP, white for me).

The Tale of Two Pizzas: We really wanted to try grilling pizza, but the weather Wednesday evening did not cooperate. We were forced to make our pizzas inside.We had made the pizza doughs in the bread machine Tuesday night. This time, we added fresh basil and oregano to the doughs. When we made the pizzas on Wednesday, we forgot to pre-bake the crusts for a bit before adding the sauce and toppings, so the centers were a wee bit wet. Also, we didn't stop to think that fresh basil sprinkled on top and then baked in the oven would turn into crispy basil. Oops. Crispy, brownish basil:We still have technical difficulties sliding the pizzas on/off the paddle and stone, even with sprinkling flour on all surfaces. Look at the hole SP made in my pizza when he couldn't get it off the stone and on the paddle:Oh well... it tasted good! Lots of sliced tomato, kalamatas, fresh mozzarella, a bit of feta -- and some fresh, unbaked basil sprinkled on top (although the crispy basil didn't taste too bad, but the fresh, bright green, non-crispy basil is much better).

Friday night the weather cooperated and we were able to try grilling pizza. We grilled the doughs for a bit before adding the toppings. Here they are on the grill - same toppings as Wednesday night.But this time, we remembered to put the fresh basil on at the end!No crispy basil. The grilled pizzas had a crispier crust then the oven ones. Definitely crispier in the center but the outer circle of dough wasn't as poofy/doughy as the oven pizzas. I'm not sure which I like better - both are good. I think in the summers we'll grill pizzas since that keeps the temperature in the kitchen down! (Using the pizza stone in the oven we usually heat the oven to 400-425.)We also had our first grilled burgers of the year! One day Giant Eagle had a sale on ground bison, so SP bought some. He used it for his burgers, melted Swiss on top, and ate it on a toasted whole wheat bun.I had ground beef for my burger, unmelted Colby cheese, and ate it on one of those squishy, cheap, white burger buns (untoasted) that SP hates. Mmmm!We added sliced tomato, sliced cucumber, and some combination of relish/mustard/ketchup.They were tasty and quick - and we actually got to grill them outside. We grilled all the burgers at the same time and for subsequent leftover nights, we reheated them in the microwave.

Basic Pizza Crust:
2 tsp yeast
3 cups flour
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp olive oil
1 cup plus 2 tbsp water

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