Friday, June 4, 2010

Lemon Dill Rotisserie Chicken

Memorial Day weekend was so busy with lots of dining out and family gatherings that we had to squeeze in making a meal for the week. We turned to a whole chicken, our favorite easy to make and yields several meals food. We cooked the chicken Monday morning since we were supposed to go to SP's dad's in the afternoon.We chopped some of the CSA dill - mmmm it smelled really good.We combined the chopped fresh dill with grated lemon zest and salt. Then SP rubbed the mixture all over the chicken, skewered it onto the rotisserie rod, and cooked it out on the grill for about 1.5 hours. Here it is in the beginning:And here it is all nice and crispy and brown:It was a little odd to be grilling in the morning!!! After it cooled for a bit, SP cut it into pieces and put it in a container. We've been eating chicken all week!!! It tastes good, but for some reason, the lemon-dill flavor didn't seem to permeate the chicken as much as we expected and would have liked.I've been eating the chicken cold with a salad of tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, and red pepper. SP has been eating those veggies with the CSA greens. I haven't been eating the salad greens because many of the leaves had lots of brown spots. Since sometimes lettuce can set off my stomach, I decided to avoid the greens. We also ate the CSA Boltonfeta which was very, very good. The two CSA fetas we've received so far this season have not been as salty as store bought feta, which is nice. They've even seemed kind of creamy, which isn't a word I'd usually use to describe feta.

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  1. I thought the same thing about the feta we got, but we only got one. :( Super creamy and yummy.