Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ribs, Veggies, and Baguette

This past Sunday marked a return to grilling. Grilling is something we haven't been able to enjoy much thus far this year because it seems that whenever we plan to grill, mother nature does not cooperate! We were really excited that the rain was holding off (even if it was uncomfortably humid). I know the above photo does not have anything to do with grilling -- it's more that I want to share our latest wedding gift! It just arrived last Friday, and BAGUETTE! was all we could think as soon as we saw what it was. It's a beautiful, bamboo bread cutting board with crumb tray. When we moved in together, SP had a bread board with crumb tray, but the tray was missing one side so it really didn't function too well!!! When we did our wedding registry, I added one and now we have a functioning one.

So of course Sunday afternoon when SP was getting ready to go out to do a few errands, I chanted "BAGUETTE! BAGUETTE!" until he got the hint! He got home around 3:30 pm with a baguette from Panera and proudly informed me that even though the baguette basket was empty when he got there, he asked and they told him if he waited 5 minutes, he could have a fresh, right out of the oven baguette. Ohhh yes please! He knows how to make me happy! Since Panera is 2 minutes down the hill, the baguette was still quite warm when he got home. Who are we to waste a perfectly warm baguette (by letting it cool)?

So at 3:30 pm we got out our new bread knife (thanks Googer!) and our new bread board (thanks E&R) and our flavored olive oils and dipping bowls and enjoyed an afternoon treat.It would have been even better with a glass of wine, but we (well, OK, I) had a few glasses the night before at the wedding, plus I had some awful swimmer's ear/ear wax issue going on and couldn't hear out of my right ear/felt like I had an awful head cold, so I stuck with tea all day. Next time, there will be wine and cheese with the baguette and dipping oil. Maybe we'll even get adventurous enough to make our own baguette???

On to the grilling part of this post!In an effort to empty out the freezer a bit, we thawed the rest of the ribs we bought in April. SP cut the remaining ribs in half and slathered half in the leftover, homemade BBQ sauce for him and the other half in the remainder of some Sweet Baby Ray's bottled BBQ sauce for me. That used up 2 containers in the refrigerator!!

We had lots of vegetables, too. We had 2 huge zucchini, one from the CSA and one that SP bought at Simmons Farm. Here's the super huge zucchini next to one little snap pea from the CSA:Here's what his grill looked like:Note the skillet of snap peas in olive oil sauteing on the burner off to the right. Lots of zucchini - in fact, we grill so many veggies that I think we might need to get another grill tray!

While he manned the grill, I stayed cool inside in the a/c and sliced a tomato and some fresh basil. Our pot of basil on the deck is really taking off - I hope that since it's in a pot on the deck and not in a garden that it doesn't succumb to the basil blight we heard about. I used of the rest of our balsamic syrup when I drizzled it over the tomato & basil.Here's my ribs:Mmmm messy goodness! This was a very tasty meal with the added bonus that we cleaned out the freezer and refrigerator a bit! All the CSA/farm veggies tasted so darn good - I can't believe this is only our (well, my) second year enjoying a CSA box. The veggies really do taste that much better than store bought ones. Best part of this meal - easy clean up and all the mess was outside on the grill, not in the kitchen!

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