Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunday Waffles

SP has a blog. He rarely, if ever, posts anything, but he does have a blog. Last week he blogged about craving yeast waffles, like the ones he made for me last Valentine's Day (that post here). I love waffles, so we decided that Sunday morning we would have a larger than normal breakfast and skip lunch.

Sunday morning I woke up to the smell (and sound) of bacon. And not the turkey bacon SP seems to favor - the real deal. Mmmmm.We bought blueberries and blackberries at Costco this weekend - a perfect topping for waffles (along with real maple syrup). These waffles were good, but not as good as when he made them on Valentine's Day. When I mentioned this, he got a funny look and confessed that this time, he made mine with half whole wheat & half all purpose flour. Ack!!! I knew something was wrong! They were not as fluffy and moist! They were thinner and dryer! They even tasted grittier/grainier! Whole wheat bread is good but some things should just be all all purpose flour - like pizza crust, pasta, and waffles!He now knows next time to use all all purpose flour for my waffles. These were still good, just not as good.

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