Friday, July 16, 2010

Afternoon Tea at Hyeholde Restaurant

I blame it on my dad, this love of tea I have. Dad was the tea drinker, not mom. Sure, he started the day off with coffee and he drank coffee all day at work, but in the evenings, after dinner, after the dishes were done and the trash taken out, dad would make himself a cup of hot tea, take it into the 'good' living room, settle on the couch with a book, and have his evening tea & read.

In the summers, dad would make iced tea. No instant iced tea in our house. I remember when I was 12 or 13, he 'taught' me how to make 'his' iced tea: boil a full pot of water, add 5 Red Rose teabags, steep for 12 minutes, remove teabags, pour into the green pitcher, add 1/4 cup lemon juice and 1/4 cup sugar, stir, add ice to fill to top, refrigerate. Nowadays he uses Lipton tea and prefers his iced tea unsweetened and without lemon.

When I had an upset stomach, dad would make me a piece of butter toast and a cup of hot tea to settle my stomach. I remember this, because one night I got sick when mom was at Monday Night Card Party with the neighborhood ladies. I was a bit worried about recovering because dad's way of making my tummy feel better was so different than mom's way, and how could I trust dad's way when he was at work all day and mom was at home taking care of us? How did he know what to do?

Later on, I would sometimes fake an upset tummy, just to get that cup of hot tea in the kitchen with dad at night when mom was out and my brother was asleep (for a while, I was not 'old enough' for tea; I could only have it when I was sick).One of my favorite things to do is have afternoon tea. My friend, L, also enjoys afternoon tea, and as I have written before, we celebrate our birthdays with afternoon tea at Hyeholde Restaurant in Moon Township. This afternoon, we belatedly celebrated her birthday. We were seated at our usual table in front of the fireplace - but today there was no fire! Hyeholde is rustic and beautiful inside, lots of stone and brick and exposed wood beams. Today there were 2 loose leaf teas in addition to the 'chest of tea bags.' One was a pomegranate tea. The other was a Caramel Pear tea, which is what I chose.It was delicious. I added a bit of sugar, no lemon, no cream. A nice pear taste but not too fruity and lovely hints of caramel.

Tea at Hyeholde starts with a plate of 4 savory treats. The savory treats vary daily. Today there was a bean salad with their homemade lamb sausage:Very tasty. I love the sausage, but due to the potential garlic, I ate only 1 piece and gave the other piece to L. The bean salad was good, but not really my 'thing' since I am not a huge fan of beans.

There was a small cup of shrimp soup topped with a basil-mint foam:The basil-mint foam was delicious. The soup was a bit too peppery-spicy for me and I didn't really like it, but I did fish out the small chunks of shrimp and ate those. L didn't like her soup - she doesn't especially like seafood.

The chicken salad on crostini topped with microgreens was delicious!L doesn't really like mayonnaise and she asked what the 'sauce' in the chicken salad was; our server consulted with the chef and told us it was a mix of mayo & creme fraiche. It was a very, very light mayo-creme fraiche dressing. L liked hers; I loved mine and wished more would magically appear!!

The last savory treat was a mushrooms in phyllo pouch with golden beet puree:Inside the pouch, the mushrooms were chopped very, very finely:This was very, very good. Of course, as I often say about puff pastry/phyllo goodies, how can anything made out of such an ingredient taste bad?!

Then it was time for more water in our teapots and the sweet treats. First came the scones. There were 2 kinds today: buttermilk and strawberry-rhubarb:They were served with raspberry preserves and Devonshire cream:The other sweet treats arrived arranged on a pedestal serving plate with a candle in one of the treats for L's birthday:I can't decided which I liked best. I loved the mini fruit cream tart, but the many layered treat did have chocolate and was very yummy. The cheesecake had a lovely lemony taste and I love lemon - even L liked it and usually she doesn't like cheesecake. In fact, she tried to get me to eat her cheesecake, but I convinced her to try it, and after she had a small taste, she decided she liked it enough to eat it all!!

As usual our birthday afternoon tea at Hyeholde was wonderful. Good tea, yummy treats, good conversation, feeling like you escaped the 'real' world for a few hours, terrific, friendly, helpful service (our server remembered us!). Just a terrific afternoon.

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  1. I have never heard of this place before, but now I am just itching to try it! Thanks for sharing!