Wednesday, July 28, 2010

At Last - New Refrigerator

Over July 4 weekend, we finally made a purchase that we've been talking about and researching and browsing in stores for: a new refrigerator!!!! Whoo hoo!!It all started last July right after my grandfather passed away. It was late at night, my parents and brother were asleep downstairs, and SP & my niece & I were upstairs in the kitchen when suddenly there was the most horrible dying monster like groan from our refrigerator. The dying monster moan continued for a few months and then mysteriously went away. But the new refrigerator seed was planted.

Unfortunately, within a week of starting our new refrigerator quest, we discovered that nearly all new refrigerators are too big for our refrigerator nook. We have only 36" width and 68" height to work with. Many new refrigerators are exactly 36" wide, which means we'd be possibly scraping the sides of the space, and many are 69+" high. Sigh.Oh yes - turns out the previous owners did not extend the newer wood flooring into the refrigerator nook. Nope. They left the the old linoleum crud in the nook.

We researched having the nook space enlarged. Enlarging the nook would require finding someone to custom build a new cabinet and cabinet sides to match our existing cabinets -- could the cabinet color be matched? Could the cabinet top molding matched? It was starting to sound like a pricey project and sure enough some initial quotes confirmed that. New cabinets for the whole kitchen? Hahahahaha that's way too pricey of an undertaking right now.So on we went, hoping for the best, unhappy with our options, probably hoping the nook would magically enlarge itself. Sure, our water/ice dispenser couldn't be used because the flap wouldn't close properly and all the freezer cold air would leak out and warm air would leak into the freezer. Sure, the rubber sealing stuff to keep a tight seal around the door was peeling off. Sure the refrigerator door didn't close tightly so we had it turned up really cold to try to compensate and keep our food cold. Sure the door handles were loose and wobbly. Sure the bottom drawer didn't open/close properly and swayed in a way it wasn't supposed to sway. But the refrigerator worked in its own dysfunctional way. Our food stayed frozen/cold.The more time that went by the more irritated we got. Anytime we had a lot of food or tried to thaw a turkey or roasting chicken, we had space issues and ultimately, we decided that for us, side by side refrigerators stink. One big bowl or one Thanksgiving turkey takes up an entire shelf! Sometimes there was so much stuff and things were shoved in so precariously that we had to be extra careful when opening the door. One time, I got bonked in the head by a can of soda.

The ones with the freezer on the bottom aren't good for us because of the wheelchair -- I was sure I'd crash into the freezer drawer and dent it or cause parts to come loose plus it meant even less refrigerator space that I could easily reach.

Slowly, we came to realize that the good old style freezer on top and refrigerator on bottom would be best for us. We decided we'd just have to deal with a smaller refrigerator because we weren't going to pay to enlarge the refrigerator nook.
Then there was the color issue. When we looked at our house, I noticed right away that the dishwasher, stove, and microwave were black while the refrigerator was white (see above photo from a brochure when the house was listed for sale). Ugh. But we have 'Ivory Bisque' cabinets. How would a huge black refrigerator look next to the cream cabinets? But white shows dirt, as evidenced by the existing refrigerator having grayish handles. Cream refrigerator? But we'd never be able to match the shade of cream when it comes time to replace the other appliances. Stainless? Is stainless really worth the extra cost, even though it sure is pretty. Hmmm...Finally, after an entire year of talking, researching, looking, browsing (Sears, Sears Outlet, Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot...), wanting, but then not being sure... finally we bought one.

A pretty stainless steel, freezer on top, automatic ice maker, water dispenser inside refrigerator. It fits nicely in the nook. And despite being a bit smaller than the old one, there's more usable space. After we loaded the refrigerator and freezer, I was astounded at all the space. Our old freezer was crammed and every time we wanted something, we would have to empty out a lot of stuff to locate the something we wanted. But not anymore! Space!

It's been 3 weeks and I still marvel at our new refrigerator and all the space and the wonderful cold water dispenser.


  1. 2 things.

    1. Your kitchen is adorable! So cute! And so big! Love the island.

    2. I have freezer space jealousy. I mean, I'm whittling the contents of mine down every day, but even though it's more empty than full right now, yours STILL looks like it has more space. Lucky!

  2. Congrats on your new fridge! And aren't those Ziploc containers great? They fit so nicely in the freezer!

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  4. What make and model did you buy? We have a similar problem

    1. All I remember is it's a Kenmore from Sears. Kenmore seemed to be the only ones that would fit.

  5. What make and model did you buy? We have a similar problem