Monday, July 26, 2010

Chocolate Tart

Sunday afternoon we headed over to SP's dad's place for dinner. We had a terrific meal of burgers, ribs, grilled corn on the cob, grilled zucchini & peppers, and roasted potatoes & onions -- plus grilled tuna just for SP & Googer, the non-beef eaters (and no ribs for Googer). Googer was in charge of the grilling. I made SP clean up after, while I put together our contribution to the meal: dessert.We decided to make a chocolate tart. The crust is the same shortbread crust as the fruit tart we made over July 4 but without the lemon zest. We omitted the lemon zest since we were making chocolate pastry cream. We debated about whether or not to top the tart with fruit, decided on sliced strawberries, then thought that maybe Z & ZSO wouldn't like it topped with strawberries, so we decided to dip whole strawberries in melted milk chocolate or in melted white chocolate and then place the chocolate covered strawberries on top of the tart.We didn't add anything like vegetable oil or shortening or cream to the melted chocolate - just melted the chips and dipped the berries. The milk chocolate covered strawberries were yummy. The white chocolate ones were just OK, probably because we used our last bit of regular, bought at the grocery store white chips, which means not a high quality white chocolate. The melted white chips didn't melt well - they melted into a sort of thick & clumpy mass and it was difficult to coat the strawberries. Next time, I'd buy a better white chocolate and I'd probably add a bit of milk or cream to the chips to make the melted result a bit more ganache-like and easier to dip/spread chocolate on the strawberries. It also might be nice to add a bit of liquor to the melted chocolate, like maybe some Grand Marnier or some Kahlua.

This dessert was yummy. Even though this is chocolate and I really like chocolate, I think I like the vanilla pastry cream tart better! But the crust - I love this shortbread crust. And chocolate covered strawberries.

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    I'm not even kidding. That looks fabulous.