Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dor-Stop (& Other Eats)

Saturday we got up early and headed out for breakfast. I love eating breakfast out. We decided to try, finally, The Dor-Stop Restaurant on Potomac Avenue in Dormont. We knew of The Dor-Stop because we both lived in the South Hills, plus it's been reviewed in the City Paper, plus it was featured on Food Network on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives.

We got there early, around 8:15 am, and there was lots of open street parking plus no wait for a table. I think there's a lot of regulars and the servers are used to customers quickly ordering - I felt a little rushed to make my breakfast selection. I had a cup of decaf coffee and the Old Diner Breakfast Sandwich:I chose bacon for my meat and I chose to not get it with tomato & lettuce and to not have fries. It was tasty - I love that thick cut, buttery Italian bread.

SP had an iced tea (fresh brewed) and The Egg Combo:He opted for scrambled eggs, oatmeal pancakes, and sausage for his meat. I tried a bite of the oatmeal pancakes and to my surprise, I really liked them! They had a nice cinnamon taste.I ended up eating almost all of one of his sausage patties. It wasn't a very seasoned or spicy sausage, but it was very tasty.We would definitely go back to The Dor-Stop. There seems to be a lot of regulars - we talked a bit with the table next to us and found out that they are regulars, they live within walking distance, and relatives of theirs work there. Everyone is very friendly and food was quite tasty. I'm looking forward to going back and trying the pumpkin pancakes and/or the French toast.

After breakfast, we took the car back to the dealer for an oil change (which took almost 1.5 hours because there was some sort of tiny oil leak, terrific, and good thing we took the time to look at the new Hondas since I think a new car is in the near future) and then headed off to the liquor store (wine for the party) and then to Sarris because we wanted to enjoy some Sarris ice cream. Unfortunately, we didn't realize that Saturday was the Canonsburg July 4 parade and the road to Sarris was blocked off. We were very disappointed. So instead we headed back north on Route 19 to our next chores which were at the mall.

Picking out appliances can be trying, tiring, and time consuming, so after purchasing a refrigerator at Sears, we went to the food court and enjoyed a brief rest and some cold drinks from Au Bon Pain. Iced tea for SP; iced coffee for me.Our day of errands continued, with stops at several other mall stores and then Michael's, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Costco - plus a healthy dose of traffic as we drove from the South Hills back to Robinson. At Coscto, we both felt a wee bit hungry plus SP's sugar was dropping, so we shared a HUGE slice of pizza:It's not bad pizza, it's filling, and it's cheap. It revived us for our final errands at Settlers Ridge: Barnes & Noble (I wanted to browse the cookbooks, specifically ice cream cookbooks), the Five Below store (yikes some scary cheap junk in there), and Giant Eagle (mmmm food!). When we finally got home around 6 pm, we made hoagies for dinner. Ham, capacola, provolone, and tomato with a bit of oil & vinegar sprinkled on the bun before cooking:
After enjoying our homemade hoagies, we started preparing food for our holiday gathering. We didn't get to bed until a bit past midnight, so it was a very, very long day! At least it started off with a tasty breakfast.

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