Friday, July 30, 2010

Recent Dinners

Since we were so busy last weekend (car shopping and other errands on Saturday; going to SP's dad's place on Sunday) we didn't have time to do any time consuming cooking nor did we try any new recipes. We kept it simple for this past week's dinners.

We bought some pitas and a bunch of vegetables and feta cheese and made the fattoush again. Grilled pita for me and grilled whole wheat tortilla for SP:Grilled zucchini, grilled red & green peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, kalamatas, feta, and mint in that yummy lemon juice-olive oil-cumin dressing:A spur of the moment, no recipe involved couscous salad with CSA peas, cherry tomatoes, and fresh parsley:Roasting chicken we cooked on the rotisserie on the grill Sunday morning - in the rain! We let it cool then took the meat off the bones and put it in a container for dinners during the week. We like cold chicken. We don't even take some out and put it on a plate for serving. We just plop the container on the table. This time we stuffed the chicken with lemon and onion for flavor - yum! SP also grilled the CSA corn Sunday morning then simply reheated it in the microwave for dinners:Salad of CSA greens plus whatever the veggies were in the veggie bin and sprinkled with sliced almonds for a little crunch:We cheated and used bottled dressing - a Creamy Asiago Peppercorn dressing. I always feel a little guilty eating bottled dressing, especially creamy ones.

Grilled tilapia sprinkled with fresh oregano:Quick and simple! Hopefully we'll get to do some more involved cooking this coming weekend. Last night we had the 'What should we have for dinners next week?' conversation and it didn't progress past the question itself and some 'hmmms' and 'I don't knows.'

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