Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ya Fei

Last week, I had a lunch date with SP's dad. He brought over Chinese take out food from Ya Fei for lunch. SP's dad loves fish and sushi and apparently fish eggs as he showed up with an order of this:Salmon Roe. Bleah. Wrapped in seaweed. Bleah. I did try 3 of those gross orange eggs and my mind remains unchanged. Bleah. Thankfully, we also had this:Pork Lo Mein - yum! I really like lo mein noodle dishes. We ate the entire bowl! There also was an order of Sesame Chicken:And we ate some egg rolls:I wasn't too thrilled with Ya Fei after our Christmas Eve 2009 meal there - the noodles and whatever other dish SP & I shared upset my stomach. But the food SP's dad brought over for lunch was tasty and didn't bother my stomach.

A very nice lunch with my father-in-law, even if he did make me eat disgusting orange fish eggs!!!

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