Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to the Farmers Market

For the second Friday evening in a row, we went to the Original Farmers Market. For $16, we got 2 cucumbers, a bunch of rosemary, 7 tomatoes, 2 bunches of arugula, 2 red peppers, 7 nectarines, and 8 peaches:Then it was time to think about dinner. One option was to return home and eat the leftovers from Thursday evening: tri-colored cheese ravioli with Classico sauce and fresh basil with a side of chopped heirloom tomato:The other option: try some of the food at the farmers market. We decided to eat at the market. I secured an end of one of the picnic tables for us while SP bought a gyro ($5.50):Meatless stuffed grape leaves (12 grape leaves for $6):And a spinach pie ($2.50):Dinner cost almost as much as the fruits & veggies!!! I didn't get a photo of the inside of the spinach pie because when SP started ripping it apart, I was trying to keep the gyro from falling apart! It was a pretty tasty gyro. Good sauce and the usual seasoned lamb-beef meat. I didn't try the grape leaves. SP did and really enjoyed them. I didn't try the spinach pie because the gyro was so filling. SP said the spinach-feta pie was just OK and he probably wouldn't get it again.

As we were leaving, we discovered a booth selling funnel cakes. Mmmmm. But I was too full. Maybe next time.

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