Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eat Your Veggies

We've been falling behind in eating our CSA veggies! Plus we didn't have a lot of free time on Sunday to cook for the week like we usually do. Therefore, this past Monday, we made a random dinner that fed us on both Monday & Tuesday. I pulled everything out of the veggie bin, discarded the bad stuff, and cooked the rest. For starters, we still had the squash blossoms, Oops. Really, they should have been eaten last Tuesday/Wednesday, right after we got them. But there they were, still hanging out in the drawer. SP had bought some ricotta cheese so I ended up mixing a few spoonfuls of ricotta with a few shakes of dried basil and some fresh black pepper. I stuffed that mixture into the blossoms. Then I dredged them in flour, then egg, then flour, and finally fried them in a bit of olive oil.They were tasty. A nice appetizer while we made the rest of dinner. Here's how one blossom looked, sliced in half:While we munched on the blossoms, SP grilled some HUGE shrimp and some lamb chops that he bought at Costco over the weekend. The original plan had been chicken and beef kebabs, but somehow that morphed into shrimp and lamb kebabs, and that morphed into just grilled shrimp & grilled lamb chops!The shrimp were just sprinkled with salt & pepper and brushed with some olive oil. They were quite tasty and maybe, maybe cooked just a tad too long but not long enough to be rubbery or tough.Before he left for work, SP made the usual lamb marinade and got the lamb chops marinating. He grilled them just enough to be well done enough for me but not too well done - enough pink to still be moist & flavorful but not so pink as to bother my stomach.Meanwhile, I had washed and chopped our cinnamon basil from CSA #17: and I roasted the leftover grape tomatoes and the leftover plum tomato:The bail and roasted tomatoes were dumped in a bowl and sprinkled with the last tablespoon or so of shredded taco cheese:SP also got his corn soaking before work and grilled the 3 ears of CSA corn plus a leftover green bell pepper for more veggie:We also cooked the CSA peas. I think these were actually the kind that we could have eaten in the pods, but some were really fat and splitting open, revealing the peas inside, so we shelled the peas and microwaved them for a bit:So that was our random, clean out the veggie drawer and eat your CSA veggies meal! We cleaned out the drawer just in time to fill it up with CSA #18. The only bad thing about dinner Monday night was that we didn't actually sit down and eat - we munched on whatever was ready while we cooked other items and finally sat down to enjoy the shrimp & lamb at 8 pm.

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  1. Looks tasty! Gotta eat those local veggies while you can!