Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Niko's Coffee House

After our dinner at Il Pizzaiolo last Saturday, we went to Ikea to wander around and ended up buying a new lucky bamboo plant (mine died after 6 years). After Ikea, we weren't quite ready to head home, so we decided to give Niko's Coffee House a try.

Niko's is located in Robinson in the same strip mall as PetSmart, Qdoba, a golf store, a Goodwill, and where Krispy Kreme was. We had never been to Niko's before. When we got there around 8 pm, we were the only customers. We took some time to decide what to have. I, of course, had to check out all the baked goodies, and I asked the guy for descriptions on a couple items. SP tasted some gelato. In the end we decided on iced tea with lemon for SP and a decaf latte for me:My latte was very tasty. SP liked his iced tea. I think I saw that they also have iced green tea.

Despite sampling the gelato and saying 'mmmmmm' SP decided to order the rice pudding, which is something he really likes and I do not like. Pudding is not meant to have rice in it! At Niko's you can get it with or without cinnamon.SP really enjoyed the rice pudding. I wasn't in the mood for a cold dessert, like gelato, and I was about to order the vanilla cream cupcake with a huge mound of green icing when I saw the cinnamon mocha biscotti - so I got the biscotti:Oh this was a tasty biscotti, dipped in my latte, terrific cinnamon taste, a bit of chocolate. It was big and I commented to SP that I'd probably take some of it home but once I started dunking and savoring the dunked cinnamony goodness of the biscotti, it quickly disappeared. Yum!

Niko's is cozy & cute inside. There's a fireplace with a couch and 2 chairs in front of it. There's 5-6 other tables. The 2 employees were very friendly and helpful. It's not our beloved Te Cafe with an almost overwhelming selection of special teas (our absolute favorite beverage), but it's very tasty & cozy & close to home, the employees were very nice & friendly & helpful, and I really liked my biscotti & latte. I'm sure we'll be back.

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