Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seafood Saturday

Saturday afternoon, SP ran into his dad at Costco. They talked for a while and wandered around the store, shopping together, and as it turns out, they both eyed some red snapper. SP, knowing I'm not a fish fan, and knowing that we'd probably eat out Saturday and that we had plans to eat out Sunday, did not buy the red snapper.

His dad did buy the snapper. Shortly after SP got home Saturday afternoon, his dad called to see if we wanted to join him for dinner at his place. His dad said he knew SP had been eying the red snapper but didn't buy it and that after dad got home with his snapper and some crab, he realized he could not eat an entire fish plus the crab before they would start to go a bit bad (since the family was meeting for dinner Sunday, he'd be eating out Sunday, too).

SP and I had been stuck in one of those 'where do you want to eat?' ruts where nothing really sounds good, but nothing sounds bad, just nothing is really grabbing our attention. We had not made plans to try anywhere new, we just knew we'd eat out Saturday after errands. So since we didn't really have plans, we said sure.

After a surprisingly quick and painless trip to Walmart, we headed over to SP's dad's place and hung out on his patio. Saturday was a beautiful day. SP ended up being in charge of cooking the red snapper. He filled it with fresh herbs (basil, thyme, parsley) and rubbed some olive oil on it and then grilled it:An entire fish, eyeball included! He even managed to flip the entire fish on the grill without having it flake apart. I tried a bite of the snapper and it was pretty good - not too fishy. I would eat red snapper again if SP bought it, but I wasn't too keen on the idea of picking out all the little fish bones!

We ate the crab cold and it was very tasty. SP cracked the legs/claws for me since I'm not very good at that! I used my little fork to pick out all the little bits of crab - yum!We also had some bread with dipping oil. I'm not sure exactly what kind of bread this was. It was from Costco and it had bits of pepper in it. It was very tasty!There also was grilled asparagus, but I guess I forgot to photograph the asparagus. For dessert we had some chocolate chip cookies that SP made Thursday night.

A very tasty meal at dad's place with good conversation and laughs! Plus, I tried a new fish.

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