Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend Grilling

For the first Sunday in a few weeks, we had no plans, no errands to run, just a few chores to do, and a nice day for grilling. The perfect time to try out our new grilling basket, a present from EPAS. It's pictured above, with our huge bowl of veggies. I chopped one zucchini and one eggplant from the farmers market, the red pepper from the farmers market, and an onion from the CSA. The zucchini and eggplant were so large that we decided to grill just one of each. We have another zucchini and another eggplant for later in the week. We tossed the veggies with salt, pepper, and olive oil, dumped them into the grill basket, and placed it on the grill.It's a very large basket, which is good since we grill a lot of veggies. Instead of rounds, we did chunks because we figured chunks would be easier to stir in the basket. Grilled veggies for dinner:Along with the grilled veggies, we did a pork loin on the grill. SP bought a large boneless pork loin at Costco: He cut it into 4 pieces: and sealed 3 in the vacuum sealer and put them in the freezer. We grilled the fourth on the rotisserie:Seasoned only with olive oil, pepper, and Dos Anclas salt.

I made a foil package of sliced potatoes for grilling:Layers of potatoes, onions, fresh parsley, pepper, and a bit of butter. We used up the potatoes from Giant Eagle and all of the CSA potatoes we had in the 'potato bin.' Mmmm look at the lovely brown bits: A very tasty, very simple grilled dinner, with, of course, leftovers for the week. It felt really good to eat so many veggies and simply seasoned foods after a week of leftover Italian food (Buca di Beppo), leftover pizza, and pierogies!

And many thanks to EPAS for the awesome grilling basket! We love it!

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  1. Those potatoes look amazing. I've never thought to cook them that way. Gotta try it soon.