Saturday, September 18, 2010

Random Food & Non-Food Thoughts

Ahhh the weekend. SP is especially happy it's here because not only did he go to work this past week, he also worked from home almost every evening this past week. Yeesh!

We did sneak in an evening of cuddling on the couch Thursday evening when we watched Prince of Persia. It was kind of a fun movie! Silly plot, cool fight scenes, and I got to drool over Jake Gyllenhaal!

Friday morning on his way to work, SP stopped at a donut place I had never heard of until Burghertime blogged about it here: Better Maid Donuts. I couldn't believe I had never heard of this donut place -- it's 5 minutes from where we live! It's on SP's way to work! As soon as I read Burghertime's post, I was texting SP:"Hey! How come you've never brought me donuts from this place? What kind of husband are you? Donuts! Yummy donuts! On your way to work! What gives?" He was all:"Hey if I'd known about this place, I'd have gotten you donuts. But I thought we were trying to not eat so many treats?" Ha. He sure is funny sometimes. Eat fewer treats.

So Friday he came home with a white bag. Inside were 2 donuts. Turns out he treated himself to an apple fritter on his drive to work and he told me it sure was a tasty apple fritter. Huh. I didn't get one, so I wouldn't know...

I do know that my cruller with chocolate glaze was very yummy:

SP enjoyed his jelly donut:I have no photos of the interior of the jelly donut, nor did I taste it. That's because we smuggled our donuts into the movie theater Friday night. I didn't think it would be a good idea to take photos of half eaten donuts in a dark theater.

We went to see 'The Town' and it was excellent! On the one hand, it's a pretty typical and fairly predictable cops/robbers story, but done very well. Jeremy Renner is great -- if you haven't seen him in The Hurt Locker, well, you should. And it was nice to see Jon Hamm not in Don Draper mode (I love Mad Men!).

Today was lots of errands. We both got really hungry around 1 pm and stopped at Panera for bagels and drinks. We sat outside and I was enjoying a lovely, sunny afternoon and an asiago cheese bagel when a screaming, wailing child ruined my enjoyment. I don't remember ever behaving like hat when I was a child - if I had carried on like that in public, if I'd talked to my parents the way that 3 or 4 year old did, my dad would have spanked my butt so hard it would have been red for an entire week.

When we tired of the child's shrieks and screams, we walked over to Pier One. Here's a tip: don't touch the glittery spider Halloween decoration. I did. I picked it up to get a closer view. And it rained glitter all over me. All over my hands, my jeans, my shoes - I was afraid to touch anything and it took 3 hand wipes (we keep them in the car) to get the glitter off. Grrr.

Off to the mall. Parking was difficult - we were wondering what was going on, figuring it was another cheerleader/dance team show. But when we got to the center of the mall, we discovered it was TWILIGHT FAN FEST. Oh yes. Twilight is not our thing. I know only slightly more about Twilight than SP, who was much more horrified at the TWILIGHT FAN FUN than I was. We quickly finished our mall business and decided we couldn't pass up a chance to take of a photo of the Twilight fun:I know there's Edward, Jacob, and Bella. Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart. Vampires & werewolves. Sounds like Buffy or True Blood - ? I did not recognize the guy on the stage. For some reason, I really wanted to know, so when the young girl offering Starbucks samples walked by, I cornered her and asked WHAT IS ALL THIS & WHO IS THAT??? She laughed and explained it all to me - such a nice, friendly, non-snotty young lady who was willing to explain the hoopla to me, the out of touch old lady.

It was Peter Facinelli. He plays Dr. Cullen. Edward's father. Is he an important character? Who knows. The point is, some people paid $25 for an autograph and $40 for a photo with this guy.As for me, I was more interested in my Starbucks sample. I can't remember exactly what it was, something like coffee/mocha/raspberry icee drink thingy. It was tasty, but I don't really like drinks like this, so I think all I'd ever want is this sample taste size.
Also, it probably has more calories than you're supposed to have in a single day...!!!

Speaking of calories and eating... Tonight SP is at 'Geek Game Night.' That's what I call it when he gets together with his CMU friends and they play games like RockBand and board games I've never heard of (plus it's R's birthday). When we started dating, he sent me a link to a site called geekboardgames or boardgamegeek or something like that.

Anyway, I am home alone, listening to the band playing at Robinson's Fall Festival (we live near the park where the festival is being held and the music is wafting in through the open windows).

I was on my own for dinner, so I got some Giant Eagle prepared food when we were at the grocery store. I got a small container of ham salad:It was pretty tasty, but not as tasty as the ham salad at Portman's and the GEMD ham salad is a little watery/too mayo-y for me.

I also got a Lasagna Rollatini with Spinach:It was pretty tasty. Good for a quick dinner at home by yourself, not something I'd want us to have together for dinner. Our homemade lasagnas are much tastier.I decided that I deserved a special dessert treat since SP was treating himself to Thai food and birthday cupcakes & ice cream with friends. I chose this pumpkin cupcake:I'm a sucker for these cute 'character cupcakes.' The pumpkin lost his top stem - it got smeared on the top of the plastic lid and pulled off when I opened the plastic container. It was pretty tasty. GEMD cupcakes aren't likely to inspire adoration like Dozen or Vanilla Pastry Studio or Bethel Bakery cupcakes, but I have to say the cake part was not too dry (I think Dozen's cupcakes are too dry) and the icing was not too grainy/sweet. A perfectly acceptable cupcake.

I also decided to get a Bavarian Cream Puff:It sounded yummy and for some reason cream puff just sounded really good! Plus, the cupcake looked kind of small, just 3 or 4 bites. I haven't tried the cream puff yet.

This morning SP made a Lemon Buttermilk Ice Cream. He took it to game night. He left me a small scoop to try.I tried it and didn't like it for the same reason I didn't like the Blueberry Sour Cream ice cream - there's something about that tangy sour cream/buttermilk taste that I just don't like. Plain lemon sorbet would be yummy. With buttermilk - yuck. Oh well.

I can't believe the weekend is already half over!


  1. I love me some Mad Men as well. Especially Jon Hamm... but minus the Don Draper attitude.
    And I'm not at all embarrassed to admit I'm jealous that you were at the mall while the Twilight thing was going on. I'm all about it. And Peter Facinelli is pretty hot. But there was no way on earth I'd pay $25 for an autograph (though it was for charity). Still, mrowr. Yum.

  2. Thanks for the link to my donut post...and glad you liked Better Maid. I'm itching for another run over there soon; sadly it's not on the way to anything for me.

    You know, I've never had ham salad and every time I drive past Portman's on a weekend when they have their "HAM SALAD WEEKEND" sign out I mean to stop. Your positive comments about it have pushed me to stop next time I see it.