Friday, November 12, 2010

Fish Night

Have I mentioned that SP's brother Googer is a very generous and thoughtful person? Well he is. This year for my birthday, he gave me a rice cooker!! This is something he & I had talked about one evening when he came over to get his CSA vegetables and I was busy monitoring my rice on the stove top because I am 'famous' for boiling over my rice and then I curse up a storm because I hate cleaning up boiled over rice goo. Or, I cook it too fast and the water is absorbed/evaporates yet the rice grains remain crunchy. Yuck!

Anyway, he said I should get a rice cooker and we talked about rice cookers and ease of use and size (since we do not eat large quantities of rice) and that rice cookers can be used to make quinoa, too. And now I have a shiny new Zojirushi rice cooker. Thanks Googer!

This rice cooker has a very convenient carry handle and a nice paddle for fluffing the rice. Also, just for me a fun thing, zo is Japanese for elephant and I really like elephants so I am loving the cute elephant logo on the rice cooker!!! There's also a timer feature and a warming feature and this rice cooker can make cakes - !!!
It was indeed easy to make a cup of rice in the new rice cooker. We made it Monday evening since we planned to use the rice for fried rice, which is a dish meant to use up leftover rice. Tuesday evening we added egg. shrimp, carrots, and peas to the rice in our wok and seasoned it all with soy sauce and dried, ground ginger (our fresh ginger hunk was sporting fuzzy green mold - ick!).It was very tasty. SP of course 'seasoned' his fried rice with sriracha sauce.We also made cod. SP seasoned it with lemon juice and lemon-pepper seasoning and baked it in the oven. It was pretty tasty, although I did have just a few bites. I'm taking baby steps on this fish eating thing!

We also had some CSA arugula and pea shoots for extra veggie.

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