Monday, November 8, 2010

Jean-Marc Chatellier's French Bakery

Today is my birthday!! This means that I just had a 'Birthday Weekend.' It all started Friday evening when SP returned home from work with a surprise: some tasty birthday treats from a bakery I had heard of but never tried: Jean-Marc Chatellier's French Bakery. It's in Millvale.

Being a French bakery, there were these goodies: macarons. Lemon, pumpkin, and chocolate.I had never tried macarons before. These are not to be confused with macaroons, those gross coconut studded balls. French macarons are a sweet confection and based on meringue. Now I do not like meringue cookies - they are too sweet for me. So I should have known, but I wanted to try French macarons anyway, and as it turns out, I'm not a huge fan, simply because they are too meringue-y sweet for me.SP dropped the meringue container so the pumpkin one cracked and fell apart. There was a nice dusting of cinnamon on it. We shared the macarons. SP liked the lemon one best. I liked the chocolate one best.

He also got this goodie: a palmier (elephant ear).Ohhh yummy, flaky puff pastry with sugar - sooo good. Palmiers are one of my favorite bakery goodies. I've made them myself, with store bought puff pastry, but they are never as tasty as the ones from a bakery.SP ate a couple bites of the palmier before heading out to 'boys night out' and I ate the rest while cross-stitching & watching Season 3 of '30 Rock.' It was a big palmier, but when I ate the last bite, I couldn't help but wish there was another one to enjoy.

SP also got me a spur of the moment birthday cake. Turns out that you can get a single layer, half & half batter, with French buttercream, decorated with a message cake while you wait.That big black smudge? That's intentional. I smudged out my age in Photoshop!! No need to advertise just how old I am getting... but it is one of those 'entering a new decade' birthdays...

The birthday message is written in melted chocolate - yum!

Here's a close up of the rose:So beautiful. And tasty. I laughed when I saw it because it's peach colored and we had peach roses on our wedding cake! SP says it's coincidence - they just happened to have a peach rose ready to decorate cake in the display case. The cake is a single layer, but it's more like two half layers, one half layer vanilla and one half layer chocolate.We had some for breakfast Saturday morning. It's very tasty. The icing is much better after it sits at room temperature (we are keeping the cake in the refrigerator).I like that the message is written in melted chocolate and not in icing. The icing isn't too sweet/grainy. It's nice & smooth & creamy & buttery, just like Bethel Bakery icing. The cake is moist and tasty, too.Many thanks to SP for bringing me delicious birthday treats! This is definitely a bakery from which I'd like to try more treats, specifically these penguin treats. So adorable!


  1. Mmm... macarons... I mean, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Eat some awesome food, enjoy yourself, and don't worry about your age. It's just a number!

  2. Cake for breakfast is the BEST!
    Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! Jean-Marc's is awesome. If you haven't had them, you need to get his croissants. It's like eating crispy butter.