Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The weekend before Thanksgiving, most people probably had turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie on their minds. But since we are not in charge of the Thanksgiving meal this year, we had something else on our minds: lasagna! A comforting food and one that makes lots of leftovers for putting in the freezer and pulling out on those nights when you don't feel like cooking or you don't have any food!

A couple of weeks ago, we had lots of celery and carrots and onions in the veggie bin, so we decided to make a marinara sauce and put it in the freezer. We started by sauteing chopped shallots, sliced celery, and diced carrots in olive oil:After the vegetables were softened, we added these ingredients:And simmered the sauce for a few hours:Then we let it cool and put it in the freezer. When it was time to make the lasagna, we got the sauce out to thaw. We also decided to add some extra vegetables, so we sauteed chopped green pepper, chopped onion, and sliced mushrooms:After they were cooked, we drained the veggies so that they wouldn't be too wet and make the lasagna soggy. We also cooked and drained some lasagna noodles. Then it was time to assemble the lasagna. First, we coated the bottom of the casserole with sauce. Then we layered in noodles and topped those noodles with more sauce:Next we spooned in the sauteed vegetables:And then layered in ricotta cheese mixed with chopped fresh spinach and some shredded parmesan cheese. There's also an egg mixed into the ricotta mixture.Next, a layer of grated fresh mozzarella (we grated it in the food processor):And then we started the layering process over, starting with noodles:Noodles-sauce-veggies-ricotta mixture-mozzarella-repeat... It was around this time that I got bored taking photos and watching SP layer lasagna ingredients. Plus, it was right around the time that some Oakland Raiders dude punched Big Ben after a Steelers touchdown, so I found myself paying more attention to the game than to the lasagna. When I turned my attention back to the kitchen, the lasagna was ready to go. There was grated fresh mozzarella & parmesan on top and it was on a foil lined cookie sheet to catch any drips/stuff that might bubble over:We baked it for an hour, until it was bubbly and the cheese melted:Mmmm it smelled yummy. And looked yummy. The corners curled up and got crispy edges: We made the lasagna early so that it could completely cool because we wanted to put some in the freezer. Here's the first piece of lasagna:Here's a close up:We ended up filling 3 of the 4 glass containers with lasagna for future meals. And we ate some for dinner Sunday evening. We reheated two pieces around 7 pm. It was very tasty. Lots of cheese and veggies and marinara with lasagna noodles - yum! Lasagna is possibly my favorite food (lamb is also a possible favorite, and sometimes I think pizza is my favorite).This was delicious lasagna. As usual, not as tasty as my mom's homemade lasagna, but since she makes a ground beef sauce and SP doesn't eat beef, we are unlikely to ever try making mom's lasagna! She also makes what in my mind is a richer sauce - it's a deeper red and has Worcestershire sauce and uses tomato paste and puree, not crushed tomatoes. But this was very good and had more veggies than mom's lasagna.

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  1. Better than your mother's or not, this looks delicious. I really need to do as you suggested and make a whole bunch to freeze for leftovers.